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Disaster and enlightening.

The usual badgering and bombastic demagoguery by the Beeb is on display, but Soini fails to handle it, manages to throw Jussi Halla-aho under the bus and exposes his own statism, which I roundly reject and why I could never join that party. The clip is viewable here.

NOTE: Jussi Halla-aho was wrongly convicted for defamation by the Finnish state, when closely looked at, any reasonable person would conclude that he was challenging the state prosecutor’s hypocritical and arbitrary prosecution of hate-speech cases. Soini doesn’t even try to defend his MP. Pathetic.

timo soini on BBC hardtalk 20.2.2013

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  1. How sad and disappointing. I’ll take your word for it. (Did not want to watch such a disappointing interview.)

    Well . . at least I voted for Jussi in the last election.

    Just fri***ng disappointing.

  2. Far too often we see our allies in this fight thrown under the bus by those who think that what they need to do is to appeal to the politically-correct middle ground. Better to stand by one’s principles and pull the middle ground towards oneself.

  3. I saw snippets of that interview – hard to stomach watching the smug arrogance of the interviewer and the inept attempts by Timo Soini to dodge the self righteous sneering accusations of racism. Totally agree with Joe, stand your ground and let truth and logic draw others towards you.

    Soini fell for the left’s tactic of grabbing the moral high ground then sneering at anyone who disagrees with them. He should have confronted the interviewer with the truth and refused to accept the narrative he was peddling The left would be laughed out of existence if more people confronted them with truth and reality instead of allowing them to delude themselves and mislead others about some mythical multicultural utopia.

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