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  1. Before you ask, what’s going on behind the desk – Yes, he is wearing fishnet stockings and red high heeled shoes – and, yes – that is brown lipstick.

  2. The guy is in total denial. Obviously doesn’t want to offend anybody.

    A career public servant who is just following orders from the boss.

    How he could sit there with a straight face and say what he said; its just totally pathetic.

  3. British ambassador: “We prevent people coming to the country who would create hate among communities” etc (paraphrase)

    I didn’t know that Muslims were exempt from this law.

  4. Raymond, liked your comments, about a career public servant following orders from the boss. As for sitting there with a straight face and saying what he said, he’s either a total chinless idiot, or he’s the best actor in the diplomatic corps and an expert at sucking up to the natives.

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