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The two are intertwined.

If the issue was one of an equal fair tax that didn’t punish people for earning more, I could find some sympathy for the notion of reigning in the ”tax dodgers”. But the tax system, as in almost all Western countries, is ”progressive”, meaning that the tax rates are not proportional across the board, but that the percentages of tax on earned income varies according to how much is earned.

That is why tax loopholes were invented in the first place, in order to get around unfair taxation policies. End the progressive (Marxist) tax codes and you’ll end the need for loopholes and tax dodging. What the article suggests is of course to the contrary, ”name and shame” the guilty parties, how dare they try to keep their property one way or another.

Statists actually do believe that the government owns your income, and at the end of the year they, out of the benevolence of the state, will let you know how much you get to keep of it. That mentality is summed up in the often quoted ”we can’t afford that tax cut” excuse. What also compounds the problem is the welfare cronyism of many wealthy business people with the state, in which the latter, in turn, offers beneficial government funded loopholes for these people in exchange for promissory notes of funding for re-election.

End the progressive tax system, and replace it with a fair tax, 10% tax across the board, and you’ll see much of the ”tax dodging and loopholes” that goes on today, become a thing of the past.

Class warfare 101 name ans shame the wealthy tax dodgers 19.2.2013

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