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There are hierarchy in cultures just as much as there are hierarchies in the cleanliness of eating establishments.

In an article on the importance of neighboring regions surrounding Helsinki to jump onto the immigration bandwagon and resettle more immigrants, a promoter of multiculturalism is asked to weigh in on the subject:

Helsinki encourages neighbours to take more immigrants


Multiculturalism is good for children

Svensk also says that multiculturalism would have a positive effect on children.

“Yes, it would definitely be terribly good,” Hyytinen agrees. “Even for school children, to become ‘desensitised’ to these issues – not in any bad sense – but in that they would got new perspectives and learn about people from different countries.”

“We have, however, quite a homogenous population, so it would be good if children start getting used to different people,” he adds.

Wang also thinks that small communities could actually be good starting points when a culture is new.

“Here you can really adapt to the local situation,” she claims. “One’s own culture can’t be held onto so tightly, and that can be a good thing.” More here at YLE

The main issue as I see it is, they (Svensk and Hyytinen) haven’t a clue as to what they are actually talking about. Multiculturalism isn’t a kebab stand on a street corner or the expressing of one’s own ethnicity or culture on certain days, its the very essence that defines a people embodied within their codified laws. Multiculturalism places all cultures on an equal playing field and allowed to exist, and supposedly, thrive side by side, without a dominant host culture lording over the rest.

It’s a fallacy, just as much as the proletariat was to one day assume the role of the state in a Marxist utopian society. Marx never explained how that would have been achieved, and neither will a multiculturalist explain in detail how their ‘ideal society’ will unfold without default rivalries appearing and without rigid (tyrannical) government enforcement.

They simply do not know what they are talking about, they are just theorizing and hoping that it turns out alright. They even mix the labels up. The US has never been a ‘multicultural society’, but a society built upon the melting pot method, E Pluribus Unum, (From Many One). A single society that celebrates the differences but thinks and behaves as one people, with an unique American culture.

NOTE: If your culture is sound, being responsible for lifting people out of devastating poverty and has created a civil society, then it’s to be held on to very tightly, contrary to what ‘Wang the immigrant’ says.

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  1. America is still a melting pot. Some of our great successes are in the assimilation of Vietnamese and Indian people. They strive to fit in, work hard, and obey our laws without demanding the USA submit to their customs and culture but enjoy them or leave them, as the natural citizen wishes. The only problem is with the large, strong demanding islamic religious/governmental culture. It does not want to fit in and demands the general US population submit to their customs and make adjustments to it. This is unacceptable to many.

    Wang problem is she refuses to accept there are very few jobs available to the indigenous population of Finland and many go unemployed. Finland is a nation which is struggling to support it’s own and is dishing out millions of euros to the bottomless pit known as the EU. Wang should not try to give away money that does not belong to her. It’s dishonest and it’s so easy to be generous with someone else s money while remaining tightfisted with your own.

  2. If I take the trouble to go to Finland _ I’d expect top see Finnish culture – and not something I could find in Sweden, Germany , France etc.

    The people who promote multiculturalism are invariably people from more primitive cultures (no, Dorothy, all cultures are certainly NOT equal) – or deluded native born people who deep down hate themselves and by extension their own society – and who have latched on to an idyllic fantasy promoted by leftist idealists fromn the 1970’s.

    We have the Internet now – so if I want to know all about falafel – we don’t need to import hundreds of non-integrating muslims and their extended families in order to find out about it.

  3. Multiculti is a tropical disease like dengue fever.

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