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But it’s all blue smoke and mirrors as the RINO portion of the Republican coalition in the senate seem all too willing to mend fences by the 26th of February. One of the worst picks for that office and the feeble minded (with oatmeal dripping from the corner of their mouths) RINO Republicans are going to cave once again.

John McCain is an abject disgrace as a Senator and as a failed presidential contender, any kudos of thanks for his heroics during the Vietnam War, are now being cast upon the shoals of his public service in office.

NOTE: The Republicans as a team just can’t muster up the collective will to fight against this president, the leadership is too interested in not offending this imperial president.* I just don’t know how this country is ever going to recuperate after this president’s term is up. 

Republicans insisted they were not using a filibuster and not trying to kill the nomination, which has faced bitter opposition since Obama picked Hagel on Jan. 7.
John Cornyn, the second-ranking Republican in the Senate, said that Republicans just wanted more time and more information from Hagel.
“This is not any attempt to kill this nomination. This is not a filibuster,” he said, during several minutes of heated debate on the Senate floor after the vote.

US Democratic presidential candidate Senator Obama smiles next to US Senator Hagel during news conference at the Amman Citadel

US Senate Republicans block vote to confirm Hagel

LAST UPDATED: 02/15/2013 02:07

Vote to confirm Obama’s defense chief nominee blocked; Senate sets new vote on motion for Feb. 26, when it’s expected to pass.

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NOTE: * Coined by radio talk show host Mark Levin

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