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These ”masterminds and geniuses” really do mean to socially engineer you, one way or another.

The strengths and glue that binds a pluralistic liberal democracy is its national pride (or patriotism), under girded by its civil society, that most importantly must first exist in order for its democratic government and institutions to be truly legit, and sustaining. The multiculturalists’ attack on the very symbols of that national consciousness, should be seen as a direct attack on the very fabric of that society, against its institutions and the citizens themselves.

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Europe’s Battle over Symbols

Multiculturalism has created separate societies within the same territory.
12 February 2013

City JournalLast summer, the director of Norway’s Trondheim Museum of Art, Pontus Kyander, decided that the museum should no longer fly the Norwegian flag. He argued that a nation’s flag is no longer a collective symbol that unites all citizens. On the contrary, it was divisive—rallying only ethnic Norwegians and Christians, while excluding the country’s newer inhabitants, who often profess a different faith. Kyander suggested that other symbols must be found, which could unite people across religions, ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities.

What if Kyander is right that no common cultural glue exists, not only in Norway, but also in other European countries—and they eventually break up into separate nations, no longer defined by territory, but by religious and moral values? In such split societies, the original populations would live with their customs and norms, separated from others—usually Muslim immigrants—who inhabit a world of their own. What symbol could incarnate the values that keep such distinct communities together? And what kind of community, if any, is left in a multiculturalist society that no longer shares culture, religion, nationality, or language?

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  1. Moslems will be blamed but the Jews are behind this one. They hate nationalism, and play Moslems off the rest, as demonstrated in Sweden

  2. Norway’s new identity?
    The current government are hoisting the white flag of dhimmi submission. .

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