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The key word here is ‘national interests’.

It’s not that the Muslim Brotherhood disagrees with Hamas’ interests (obliterating the Jewish state), it’s just that it’s an untimely request.

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‘Egypt security forces nix Hamas office in Cairo’

02/13/2013 18:35

Iraqi paper says Muslim Brotherhood request was rejected due to fears it could spark further disturbances at time of unrest in country.

Egyptian security forces rejected a Muslim Brotherhood request to establish a Hamas office in Cairo after it had left its Damascus headquarters, according to Egyptian security sources quoted by Iraqi paper Azzaman on Tuesday.

The security sources were quoted as saying that they put national security considerations first, especially now when Egypt is facing unrest and the new office could lead to further disturbances.

The paper also quotes an anonymous security source who said there are three training camps for al-Qaida-linked groups in the northern Sinai.

These camps, which in total hold up to 1,500 people, would form a base from which the groups could transform Sinai into a war zone in the case of a clash with the Egyptian army.

According to the same source, the camps are run by the al-Qaida-linked Egyptian Ansar al- Jihad, the Gaza-based Jaljalat, Jund Muhammad, Jund al-Islam, Tawhid and the Gaza-based al- Jihad. The activity in the camps has increased due to the lawless state of Sinai, with the groups conducting weapons training during daytime that involves anti-aircraft weapons, tanks and armor piercing weapons.

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  1. It’s not about it not being the right time. The security services know Hamas will kill police if let into the country.

    Killing or hindering those who cause the state to function is one of the main wasy muslims cause destablization. Same strategy in Iraq, Afganistan (where they kill police), Thailand (where muslims shoot schoolteachers). and Europe (where muslims harry police, firefighters and paramedics and burn down schools.) Egypt (where the Muslim Brotherhood group Gamaa al Ishmalaya damaged the tourism industry, Egypts top industry, by murdering tourists)

    The secuirity services know they are literally signing their own death warrents if they let Hamas have an office in the country.

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