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Memories of Muslim Ottoman empire occupation and its Islamic monoculture, still fresh in the Greek conscious.


When one thinks of the many mosques established in traditionally non-Islamic societies, only to see in retrospect those societies succumbing to Islam, and with it, the losing its ancient culture, one begins to realize that many mosques are unlike other houses of worship.

Ruined but not lost, the Greeks say no to a mosque for Athens

February 11, 2013 | Filed under: Eurabia , Europe | Posted by: Jean-Patrick Grumberg


The Greek capital refuses to build a mosque. It is the only European capital which has no Muslim place of worship.

Greek Muslim community complains she is great lack of a place of worship, but there is a strong hostility vis-à-vis any proposed mosque in Athens, which saw the Ottoman occupation.

Preserve national identity

Preserve the national identity For the orthodox bishop, Seraphim of Piraeus, Greece must preserve her national identity. Some think that such a mosque would  favour illegal immigration. That is the main reason. Another one is financial: Greece does not have the funds to build a mosque.

So, on cue, the prime minister of Turkey arrives and offers to finance the construction. Heroically in an islamised Europe, the Greek minister rejects the offer from Erdogan!

What an example for France, whose  huge mosque of Venissieux with its four minarets demonstrates the ease with which some collaborate with those who would have France disappear. Deeply in debt, the rejection of this proposition is proof of Greece’s rejection of islam and the positive influence that the orthodox church has on the country.

Athens is likely to remain the European exception for some time yet, because the Greeks are seriously fed up with the muslims.

More here in French Via Vlad

5 Responses

  1. at least there is a country left with some balls to say no to this creeping cancer

  2. Place your bets now that the savages will have their new paedophile centre!!!

  3. Why Athens? There are already many mosques on Greek lands – such as those in Smyrna, Constantinople, Adrianople, Sinope, Trebizond, and those in northern Cyprus.

  4. Kudos to the Greeks.

    They at least understand the concept of stealth jihad.

    Just imagine the reception a Greek Prime Minister would get in Turkey if he offered to pay for a modest Christian Church building to be erected in Ankara.

  5. Long live the greek government and their stance on this subject!!! And, my sympathy
    with all these simple minded turkified greeks who convert or have converted already.
    haven’t you learned your lessons yet, after all these years?
    Democracy? What democracy? You think there’s democracy in Turkey? Just look all around Europe!

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