The RUA looks like a very diverse group of people, lets see how fast the media and political establishment and academy (the iron triangle) tar and feather it as a ”bunch of far-right neo-nazi fascists”.


Media Release: Rise Up Australia Party Launch ‘Will push for cut on Muslim intake’ at National Press Club Canberra 11/02/13

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RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah and Lord Christopher MoncktonGeneral Immediate Media Release 8th February 2013

Rise Up Australia Party National President Daniel Nalliah will call for the end of a ‘Multicultural Australia’ and for a cut on the intake of Muslims into Australia in his key note speech, to stand against ‘political correctness’ to ‘Keep Australia Australian’.

The guest speaker is Lord Christopher Monckton, from the Lord Monckton Foundation. He is a British Peer, UK Independence Party political candidate and has been a Conservative Party political advisor.

Mr Nalliah stated, “We must now take a stand for our nation or our children and grandchildren will pay a heavy price to re-take what we have lost. We cannot and must not miss this opportunity. The 2013 federal election is an opportunity we cannot miss as the people have lost hope in our politicians in Canberra. We can bring back hope, get rid of dishonest politicians and be the voice of the people in parliament.”

We welcome all patriotic Australians to bring their Australian flags and to show their support to Keep Australia Australian.

Mr Nalliah has been recently speaking to enthusiastic crowds at meetings in many cities in VIC, NSW, QLD, WA, TAS, ACT and will be soon at the official party launch at the National Press Club in Canberra on 11th Feb to Keep Australia Australian.

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  1. Keep up the good work and i hope you get what you want and win the election and possibly open most of the worlds eyes. Greece have began the strart of the ball running, i wish we in the UK only a small group in comparrison (EDL) had started the way i wanted it start, as a political party. All the best and good luck from all the EDL in england and all defense leagues in europe and the US.

    1. Well, that’s to be expected, the fake media have a lot at stake in taking them down.

  2. Well done you guy’s wish you all success- wish we had this in the UK !

  3. Yes, the enemedia is onto them and they will thrash them till the cows come home.

    I know Danny Niallah personally and I wish him all the success in the world. He and his brother became famous with the ‘reading Koran’ lawsuit which ended up costing them a million bucks.

    Andrew Bolt wonders why Lord Monckton openly sides with this ‘ radical fringe’ group.

    Perhaps they’re not so “fringe” at all.

    1. Hi Sheik, too bad about Bolt. Seems he’s ”gotten his mind right” after his court case, he really hasn’t an excuse, (career over the truth) in light of Niallah brothers shelling out big bucks for being truth tellers, and they’re still in the game.

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