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Anti-Semitism by Muslim school classmates is allowed to continue without a forceful hand being applied from the school administrators, due to their being the poster child of multicultural policies, as well as the political correct assumption that non-Europeans can’t be bigoted or racist. Being a person of ”color” according to multicultural policies, (or by the way politicians naturally behave) is your automatic ticket into this protected group status.

Many European and American Jews, in spite of their good intentions and false notions, believed that group politics afforded them the needed protection (by the political ruling class) from traditional anti-Semitism. Those fears of anti-Semitism were, and still are, very justifiable and very real. That protection however was short lived, when the very political parties that they entrusted their protection, shifted alliances, finding another group to replace them.

That’s one of the many Achilles heels found within the failed policies of multiculturalism. No single group can ever feel ”secure” in the assurances of politicians and their parties, regardless of their multicultural credentials. The remedy is to stop the balkanization of society and treat every single person as an equal citizen and individual. Safeguarding their equal individual rights in the long run, helps all groups of citizens, as opposed to the promotion of ”group rights”, that comes at the expense of the individual.

NOTE: The same paradigm can be used in understanding the Black experience within US group based policies as well. Right now there is extreme angst over Democrat immigration policy rhetoric within many Black communities, that Latinos are being positioned to become the focus of the party, at the expense of their communities. If politicians simply appealed to economic freedom and individual liberty, it would nip most problems facing these communities in the bud.

From the Law and Freedom Center via: Vlad

Paris Today

By  • on February 12, 2013

French anti semitismPlease see below the shocking statement by a 16 year old girl in Paris, detailing the anti-Jewish assaults and hatred she has endured for two years, until her mother pulled her from the school.

It was sent to us by her mother, asking for help, particularly in finding employment in London. She is coming to escape the violence and malice in her home town. Unfortunately, we have no job to give her. I wish we had.

If you can give her any help, please let us know, even if it is only advice or moral support. She needs it. France is currently worse than Britain. Consider how it is to discover that your child has suffered this, and to meet nothing but denial from the authorities given the duty to protect you.

If you’re grateful for anything we have done, then you needn’t help us, but please think if you can help her.

Thank you.

“At school in the St Denis area of Paris the humiliations were constant. They were designed to make me feel abnormal, deformed, disgusting. Psychological and physical humiliation.

Everything I said or did were constantly scrutinized, criticized, belittled, and turned around in order to mock me in public. As were all my physical characteristics. “For fun”. This was every day for two years, each week worse than the last one.

When not actively mocked and harmed, I was ignored.

If there was group work, I was forcibly excluded: nobody wanted to team up with a “nasty Jew”. Never any help from anybody. In German lessons, Nazi crosses were drawn on my desk. They were in ink, except for one which was engraved in the wood. When I saw pointed out these swastikas to the teacher, she erased the ink one while saying that it was nothing, and merely a coincidence that it was on my table. The engraved cross stayed on my table during the whole year.

Some examples of physical violence used against me: one day I was surrounded by about fifty children, with three girls (2 Muslims and 1 Catholic) close to me who took it in turns to hit me. The game was to see who could hit me the hardest. Others looked on and laughed, while others said that was what a “Nasty Jew” deserved – a typical insult against me.

There were other games: when I was sitting on a bench in the courtyard, a Muslim boy and two Muslim girls took it in turns to strike me on the head as they walked past. They circled me, striking me on the head each time, hitting harder each time.

Another game: push the Jew downstairs. This happened about ten times in two years.

Another game: in changing room after sport, several girls would catch my arms behind me and pull me upward until I thought my shoulders would be dislocated.

Everyday there were insults. Here is a sample (roughly translated):

« Nasty Jew whore »

« Whore of your race »

« Nasty Bolshevik »

« Dirty Yupine »

 « How ugly with your big Jewish nose »

« People like you should have been incinerated»

« Nasty intellectual Jew »

« The Jewish blood is impure so fire is better than a knife »

« Nasty Chinese eyes »

« Pig’s Eyes »

« You are as pink and ugly as a pig »

« You know that we do to pigs »

« Dirty Mongolian »

« Abnormal rat »

« Jewish moron full of shit »

At first I was ashamed and did not dare to mention any of this to my mother. But in the second year it became much worse and I eventually told her. She met the Director of the school, but he refused to believe this could be possible and accused me of imagining things. We went to the police to talk about a Muslim boy who was sexually harassing me for three months, but I did not tell the police about the anti-Semitism because I was afraid that they would not believe me.

My mother believed me and removed me from the school. I slept a lot because I was exhausted. Now I want to go back to school, but to a very good school. I need to go back to school before I am too old.

I want to work to make a good future for myself.”

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