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UN troops are ineffectual and easy pickings.

The Finns were of course unarmed, but curiously enough however, made it clear that ”they didn’t feel their lives threatened by the gun brandishing Arabs”. Of course if they refused to hand over the UN vehicle, I doubt that they would have made the same statement. Sounds more like putting on a smiling face to a serious situation out of political considerations.

NOTE: Just yesterday I posted a piece sent to me by Arnold Roth about UNIFIL forces in S.Lebanon having their property stolen by Hezbollah operatives in the area. This is why they have such a ”friendly attitude” with the Arabs in these regions, they have to keep watching their backs from the people they supposedly are trying to build relations with. What a ruse.

H/T: Matti Nevalainen

finn un observers threatened with gun 12.2.2013

Two military observers were the victims of a robbery in southern Golan Heights, said the armed forces.

Finnish UNTSO military observers were paired to take care of a routine mission when armed men stopped their vehicle. An Arabic-speaking duo forced the observers out at gunpoint. The observers didn’t understand the language, but quickly figured out the plot.

– The intention was clear: out of the car, they wanted it, Lieutenant Colonel Jukka Honkanen says.

Honkanen has talked to the threatened Finnish observers. According to Honkanen, the observers after the first moments feel it to be a life threatening situation. It was clear that these men didn’t want to do violence, but to take the car. The thieves ended up with not only UN property but the observers property as well.

It was not the first time that the Finnish observer was in a threatening situation and oes not feel the need for crisis help.

– Yes, last night he had a feeling that he will continue.

– All is well now and things will continue as normal, Lieutenant Colonel Honkanen says. The incident took place in the southern Golan Heights village of Al Shibrin yesterday at 12:40. The village is located on the Syrian side, a few kilometers from the Israeli occupied territories. Military observers are unarmed and they were doing regular inspections of the  stations.

More here in Finnish at Iltalehti

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  1. Ever get the feeling it is all pretend time in the West. We pretend Islam is not malevolent. We pretend that nationbuilding in Muslim countries is a good thing. We pretend that Muslim immigrants are not a problem, and a problem they will be forever. We pretend we aren’t broke, after all, we are still giving money to every Muslim country in the world, hell, we even sponsor scholarships for promising Muslim students, free room and board, the works. Meanwhile, at home, we pretend that amnesty will not accelerate our breakdown. We finance, in the billions, NGO resettlement agencies who import hundreds of thousands of Muslims each year. We pretend free health care for all, legal, illegal, evil, will not break the bank.

    I am glad my parents who are elderly will not have to live through these terrible times ahead when the pretending stops.

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