It’s an evil institution through and through.

collapsing EU

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  1. While I do agree that the Euro project is progressing without the will of the peoples of individual Europian countries, I have to say RT has some nerve (especially this snotty wench of an announcer) taking such a tone about other peoples far more milder propoganda. The ONLY purpose of RT is to provide divisive propoganda about other countries.

    And it’s especially noxious because this snotty wench knows full well that if she mentioned so much as a booger dangling from Putin’s nose, she’d end up in a ditch.

    In this vid you can see how RT does some of its oiliest propoganda. In this case it’s in the tone and facial expressions of the announcer just as much as what she says. What you are seeing from her is a carefully guaged performance, not a natural reaction to the content of the story, as you would with a real news reader.

    They carry on the KGB’s operational philosophy in regards to propoganda and subversion. Where they see divisions in other countries they attempt to drive in a wedge to make them worse.

    Keep that in mind when watching RT clips and you’ll soon see what I mean. Once you know the purpose of these clips you’ll begin to see all the rhetorical tricks, emotional manipulation and other sorts of subtle jiggery pokery.

    1. Truthiocity, you’re of course 100% correct, we know exactly RT’s mission in life, spread divisive propaganda against the West. It’s just that sometimes its needed to be heard.

      1. I didn’t say in my comment that you shouldn’t post them and know my opinion doesn’t nor should carry the authority of the king of everything. The message is an educational warning to any who view this vid via this page.

        I’ll use this reply to add that the most insidious thing about RT broadcasts is that they use subtle little things that are very easy to miss if you view them like you would a normal news clip. Carefully graded tone of voice and expression is just one trick that’s meant to get past your awareness.

        Another trick is to ask unanswered questions or a series of unanswered questions. That’s not intended to make you think about the issue because they know you wouldn’t actually remember the questions- it’s intended to make you feel uneasy in general on the subject. Really nasty oily stuff.

        1. I agree with what you say. RT is an oily organization for all the reason listed.

  2. Nigel Farage: witty and convincing in the way he excoriates in biting language these Eurocrat buffoons. He always makes sense – that’s why these marxist elitists hate him.

    The Eurocrats are desperate to avoid scrutiny of their illogical ideologically driven policies – the antithesis of the democratic process.

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