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Anders Breivik and Jens Stoltenberg are fellow travellers after all! 

breivik and stoltenberg

Great going Norway, you sure know how to pick your political leadership! The same man who rightfully condemns Anders Breivik for the murder of 77 innocents on Utoya island  (the UAF youth league’s political indoctrination camp)and in Oslo, whole heartily threw his weight behind a monster who wanted to murder innocent Israelis with a suicide bomb belt, but fortunately didn’t succeed!

NOTE: The hard-Left isn’treally against murder, just when it’s exacted against themselves.

Norway PM Stoltenberg was engaged in a campaign to get a PLO-terrorist out of prison.

Hussam Shaheen is convicted for planning to slaughter Israeli buss passengers.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was engaged in a campaign to get former International secretary Hussam Shaheen released from imprisonment in Israel. Shaheen is now sentenced to 28 years for terror.

This is the story:

On April 10, 2007, the Israeli Military Court in Ofra- nearby Ramallah- imposed a 20 years imprisonment on Hussam Shaheen, the Secretary of International Relations of Fateh Youth Organization (FYO) and the elected chief of FYO in Jerusalem.

Hussam Shaheen is convicted for planning to slaughter Israeli bus passengers.

He was arrested on 28/1/2004, and tried in court for smuggling of weapons and planning a suicide bomber mission against a bus inside Israel.

On 21st of April 2007, the terror convicted Arab is called a “political prisoner” by the Prime Minister of Norway, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg.

On the Labour Youth’s political summer camp on Utoya, Stoltenberg demands the release of Hussam Shaheen.

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  1. I try to understand these politicians who support terrorists, but fail to understand fully. They must hate the West and our civlization, yet that same civilization has given them everything, the wealth, no need to slave to make a living, but live the great life, power, prestige. I despise them.

    1. Sometimes I believe there are a lot of closet muslims around. A secret society or brotherhood operating at the highest levels.
      John Owen Brennan, CIA, a prime example.
      Watch these guys and look at the decisions they make, all pro islam!
      Think about it.

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