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Only an ignoramus about Islam would agree.

If I had a nickle for every time I heard that, I would be a wealthy man. These Muslim leaders spread the worst bald faced lies around the globe, and because it’s so damn baldfaced, and repeated ad infinitum, and the reality is so frightening…that the non-Muslims in places of influence and leadership buy into it every time.

How much is pluralism alive in the Maldives? Just stand there with a sign reading that you detest religion in general, you don’t even have to single out Islam, and you’ll find yourself on the short route to the room of batons and bars.

NOTE: Here’s another ignoramus dhimmi, one who I have championed in times past due to his excellent anti-EU positions, but he turns out to be a real schmuck as far as Turkey and Islam are concerned. It’s a shame, so much promise, but so much Islam effecting the brain.

maldives pres says islam and democracy are compaible 9.2.2013 President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has said that the Maldivian democratization project is demonstrating to the world that democracy and Islam can exist in harmony.

The President made this statement in his speech delivered at the 12th Session of the Islamic Summit Conference of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held in Cairo.

Speaking on the theme of the Conference, the Muslim World: New Challenges and Expanding Opportunities, the President noted that the tensions, the clashes, and the conflicts that are threatening to rip apart the Islamic Ummah are caused by the denial, in some parts of the Islamic World, to recognize that Allah has given every human being a desire to be free, and be able to shape their own destiny.

The President said that human aspirations for human rights and freedom need to be granted fully to the peoples of Islamic countries. The President further said that the Maldives, being a 100 percent Muslim country, has been able to introduce and foster a democratic system of governance that guarantees fundamental human rights.

More here.

NOTE: ”Human rights” in the Muslim context, does not translate into the understanding of human rights in the western context. Nothing shall violate Islamic norms, all ”rights” must bow to Islam. After driving out all the rest who failed to convert to Islam, now as a ”100%” Muslim country, they can have ”democratic pluralism”.

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  1. The fact that the”Cairo declaration of human rights” supercedes the UN “Declaration of Human Rights” for the 57 nations of the OIC is proof enough these deceptive Muslim reps are selling a load of bull crap.

  2. Ah, the Maldives, that of exemplar of democracy and tolerance….
    Under the Maldives Constitution:

    the President must be a Sunni Muslim,
    Maldivian citizens may not practice any religion other than Islam,
    non-Muslims may not vote, obtain citizenship, or hold a public position.

  3. Isn’t that the CAIR guy behind the Prez? Muslims are so funny, they lie to the infidels and they lie to themselves about tolerance and democracy. It’s all for show, they all know it is lies for the public, and truth in private as they laugh at how stupid the infidels area.

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