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But not to worry, the president of Finland is to take a 20% cut in pay. This is the same clown who said that the Finns do not need a referendum on staying within the EU, ‘‘we’ve already voted on it” (before joining in 95′).


However, the way it was packaged by the government in collusion with the mass media and the academy, the people of Finland were simply overwhelmed. What the USSR couldn’t do with bombs and bullets during the Second World War, the  EUSSR in collusion with shortsighted ‘statist’ Finnish leadership, managed to do by stealth, lies and deceptions in the mid 90’s. The end to their sovereignty, state and individually, we are now subjects.

Had the Finnish people known at the time, that by 2010 over 70% of the laws passed by their own parliament would have originated in Brussels, crafted by people with whom they couldn’t hold directly accountable, had known that their borders would be forced open to the point of gross absurdity, had they known that they would be forking over far more money than they would receive on almost a yearly basis, had they known that the Eurcrats were actually planning a federalized union……they would never have voted to join the EU.

finland payment to eu rising-paying more than it recieves to EU 7.2.2013

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  1. Can someone please explain what the incentive is to stay in the EU?

    Doesn’t make sense to me but I’m not an economist.

    What would our forefathers have thought of all this b******t?

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