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Digging deeper, it’s the fundamental’s of Islam that drove the Muslim fundamentalist into attacking Lars Hedegaard.

H/T: Henrik Ræder Clausen

lars hedegaard attacked due to DI paper 7.2.2013

WRITTEN BY:Christian Sloth, Torsten Rojas-Danielsen and Laura Marie Sorensen

A new critical of Islam newspaper under the name of Dispatch International is the motive for murder attempt on commentator Lars Hedegaard, President of the Free Press Society.

So believes Hedegaard’s partner in the Swedish version of the Free Press Society, Ingrid Carlqvist.

She sits at a secret address in Sweden and is uncomfortable after her colleague had been almost shot yesterday.

It was Lars Hedegaard himself, who yesterday called and told Ingrid Carlqvist that a perpetrator disguised as a postman had been about to kill him.

– I was completely shocked. You know, you think that he’s making fun. But no, you do not make fun of something like that, says Ingrid Carlqvist.

The two partners should have finished editing the latest issue of a new paper newspaper called Dispatch International, they publish together. 

The newspaper was published for the first time on the third of January this year, and the latest was released today. But Hedegaard could not help to edit it last night. He made his apologies over the phone yesterday because of the assassination attempt.

The new newspaper is strongly right wing and critical of immigration and Islam. In the first sample number from autumn puts it among others questioned whether President Obama really is a Muslim.

Ingrid Carlqvist is convinced that it is the new newspaper and not Lars Hedegaard’s previous opinions as chairman of the Free Press Society, which is the cause of the assassination attempt:

– What is new is that we come out with a newspaper once a week, which is full of revealing, searching articles about Islam and Islamisation, she says.

Dispatch International also has a  website that has articles in Swedish, Danish and English, and it has been hacked several times the last month.

Sink or swim

Ingrid Carlqvist is not alone in believing that Dispatch International may be the reason why Hedegaard had an attempt on his life.

lso Vice-President of Free Press Society in Denmark and Lars Hedegaard’s close friend, Katrine Winkel Holm, believe that the newspaper is the reason for the attempt:

– The fact that Lars Hedegaard continues to Islam criticism very loudly and systematically and with great impact in Sweden, may be cause for the attack, we saw, she said to ABC News.

Lars Hedegaard has repeatedly written the leaders in the newspaper and on the website. And there are indications that he well have known that the newspaper was on the edge. In an editorial in the first test edition he writes:

– In this paper, we will write the truth. So it must sink or swim.

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