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Real sh*t journalism on display in Finland.

It’s interesting to learn that the near assassination of a fellow journalist in nearby Denmark doesn’t raise much of a stir in the Finnish headlines, but a couple of miscreants parading as journalists who (by the way are the same ones who assaulted a gentlemen’s club in Helsinki, for their campaign to highlight women’s rights in lieu of the Helsinki University student paper’s 100 year anniversary) crap their pants and write about it…does.

finnish journalist shit pants 6.2.2013

Fecal heads: Vappu Kaarenoja and Rämö Aurora

H/T: Vasarahammer

fecal headed Finnish journalists defecate on bus 6.2.2013

Women journalists deliberately crap their pants on bus – company furious over damages

Ylioppilaslehti newspaper editor in chief, Vappu Kaarenoja (left), 25, succeeded after a long effort to poo in her pants. Ylioppilaslehti newspaper subeditor Rämö Aurora (right) managed to be the first to defecate in her pants on the bus.

The bus company is considering action against the two female Ylioppilaslehti journalists for intentionally defecating in their pants.

The newspaper report by the student magazine’s editor in chief on pants defecation while on the bus greatly iratated the bus company.

– It was obscene once and for all. Really tasteless trick and really tasteless writing, said Vainio’s (bus company) traffic CEO, Matti Vainio.

The Student newspaper editor and journalist Vappu Kaarenoja Aurora Rämö described in detail in the magazine’s 100th anniversary issue, what it feels like to defecate in your pants on a bus traveling from Helsinki to Turku .

The concrete tone of the writing, there is no reason to doubt that the act had taken place. The bus company, the damage is already done.

– This is extra work for us. And this certainly isn’t a cure for bus passenger comfort, the idea that someone has shit his pants on the seat.

More here at the Iltasanomat

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13 Responses

  1. The paper Ylioppilaslehti is published by the Student society of Helsinki University. The curious thing in this is that every student in the University has to pay annually for the membership in this society.

    So the money used for publishing the paper is taken from the students by force.

    1. Figures, they couldn’t stand on their own two feet with such substantiated crap they serve up, just like YLE.

  2. Maybe sometime soon, they may shit their pants involuntary in some Multicultural borough of Helsinki, if you catch my drift. Let’s see how they like it then (!)

  3. Heh ! Literally crappy journalism. Easily deserves a POOlitzer prize.
    Perhaps this Lady Gaga parody was their inspiraion ? :

  4. Disgusting women. I shudder to think what these two attention whores will do next in hopes of being noticed.

  5. If it were two guys doing this, nobody would call them whores. Doubt it would even make headlines. “Oh these guys, a bunch of wannabe-Jackasses, boys will be boys…”

    1. LL, if it were two guys, I would treat them the exact same as as these two turd buckets.

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