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UPDATE:  The TT is told by someone close to Lars Hedegaard via email: “He is okay, but we’re all in shock. It’s a miracle he is alive. The attacker looked like an Arab.” 

Henrik R.Clausen informs me that Lars just recently told him that he’ll under no circumstances lessen his criticism of Islam. “What was the truth yesterday remains truth today” – you can quote him for that.

Mark Steyn: Incidentally, the slapdash hack at the Associated Press can’t even get the basic facts right, reporting that Lars was “fined 5,000 kroner ($1,000) in 2011 for making a series of insulting and degrading statements about Muslims,” but apparently unaware that last year the Danish Supreme Court struck down his conviction 7–0.

Lars hedegaard shot at 5.2.2013

H/T: HenrikR.Clausen: ”Lars Hedegaard survived an assassination attempt today.”

NYHEDERNE: Copenhagen Police arrive here shortly before noon present at Pelargonievej in Frederiksberg, which is alleged to have been a shooting. Learns

Copenhagen Police now confirms to that have been fired a shot, and therefore they are now present at the villa the way to Fredericksburg, where it continued to flock to the cops.

– Now we are here at the scene. There are given a single shot, but no one is hit. It is about out for number seven. Inside the buildings, says investigative unit Jan Høier Mogensen

area where lars was attacked

Police have cordoned off the intersection of Azaleavej and Pelargonievej, and ‘s reporter at crime scenes says that about 30 officers are on site – several dressed in civilian – and they are investigating right now instead of dogs. The search for a possible perpetrator of roads in the area.

– Of course we have put several things in place, where we examine escape route and possibly where an alleged offender was located, he says January Høier Mogensen ‘s journalist on site says that it is still flowing to the officers, and the police have just expanded barrier and sent press further away from the shot instead.

The area of ​​Frederiksberg is a residential area, but the shot has been fired by Pelargonievej 7, there is a small apartment, as you can see with the purple windows downstairs. It remains unclear what triggered the shooting

UPDATE: The Copenhagen

After first sealing off Hedegaard’s street, police have now also cordoned off Copenhagen Zoo after two men wearing ski masks were seen jumping over the wall to the zoo into the hippopotamus enclosure.

Lars shot at teh copenhagen 5.2.2013

After first sealing off Hedegaard’s street, police have now also cordoned off Copenhagen Zoo after two men wearing ski masks were seen jumping over the wall to the zoo into the hippopotamus enclosure.

Berlingske newspaper reports that witnesses reported hearing what sounded like a gunshot at around 13:50.

Police say the man that fired the shot was wearing a red coat, is around 30 years of age and has dark skin and thick, dark hair.

ALSO: 180GraderDK: 

Lars Hedegaard survives shooting attack. The perpetrator missed – update follows

The President of the Free Press Society, historian Lars Hedegaard, survived for a short time ago a gun attack. 

The details are yet to be released, but according to my well-informed sources, the sequence of events roughly as follows:

Someone calls on Hedegaard’s door (he lives in the apartment building in Frederiksberg). A man says he has a package for Hedegaard. Hedegaard goes down (or shut the man up to his door?) to receive the package. There is a young Arabic-looking man aged 20-25 years. Hedegaard receives the packet, then the man pulls a gun and shoots twice. He misses. So he shoots allegedly again, and the gun clicks … Hedegaard throws the package and the gun falls to the floor. After the scuffle the gunman grabs the gun again. And again he tries to shoot, and the gun clicked for the second time. Then the gunman runs away …

NB! The above is second hand testimony and is perhaps corrected later.

There remains nevertheless the sad fact that it is their lives that we now says no to multiculturalism. A shame day for Denmark ….


He shot then against Lars Hedegaard.
Lars Hedegaard it appears not injured in the attack.
“A man fired at the victim, but he missed and the ball went over his head. When he would shoot again, clicked the gun, and then fled the perpetrator from the scene,” said Police Commissioner Lars-Christian Borg Ritzau earlier in the day.
It has not yet been possible to obtain information independently confirmed.

Lars hedegaard shot at 5.2.2013.b

Lars Hedegaard interviewed earlier by RT TV on free speech , intimidation and threats murder

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  1. Those satanic inbreds will never cease their inherent barbarity!!! Wake up world the cancer is spreading!!

  2. That’s what the filthy koranimals call a good case of inshallah.


  3. Once found the attacker must be deported along with his entire family. An example must be made of this lunatic and this is the only way. By kicking him and his entire family out a clear message will be sent to all immigrants that if you break our laws you will be removed swiftly with all your hangers-on; wives, children, parents, aunts/uncles etc.

    The majority of immigrants are here for one thing only, an easy life living on state handouts with free or heavily subsidised housing. By returning them to their homeland – regardless of their financial situation – it will hurt them more than looking after them in a comfortable jail knowing their families will also be looked after in comfort.

    Find them, charge them, deport them all and ensure all their passports are removed with no future hope of return.

    1. I agree with deporting the attacker’s entire family; however, the attacker himself by rights ought to be executed as a would-be murderer!!!

      Furthermore, ALL Moslems need to be evicted from the ENTIRE West!!!

      1. Restricting sharia and deporting perps would suffice, it’s entirely unrealistic to deport entire peoples. I just want the sharia enforcers and those who support them to bugger off.

  4. They’ve ended up in the zoo where they belong. Now what do the Danish police do to dangerous wild animals? Maybe they could learn from the French police’s action last year?

  5. Animals in the Copenhagen Zoo are known to eat up people who get too close. Perhaps the criminals ended up in a tiger stomach…

    Anyway, it turned out there was no bomb in the package.

    Things are being cleaned up, politicians are in ‘shock’ and ‘outrage’, and Dispatch International will be published according to schedule.

    1. Thanks Henrik for the update. It would have been just ‘deserts’ for the perps to end up as tiger ow hippo dung.

  6. Hippopotami have a reputation as one of the more dangerous animal species.
    Are the Copenhagen police looking for two whole jihadis, or four halves?

  7. Anyone critical of Islam and its prophet is to be murdered. Freedom of speech is not allowed in Islam, especially if it relates to the ‘religion of peace’ and it’s violent dogmas. The doctrinally sanctioned penalty is death. So much for “all religions are equal”.

    Advice to Danish and Western politicians – the only way to stop the Jihad within the West, is to allow more Muslims to settle here (Tongue in cheek).

  8. I Think that article, “BREAKING: ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT, A

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