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UPDATE: It’s been brought to my attention that YLE has supposedly mis-characterized Dervin’s views on multiculturalism in this piece from five years ago. In fairness, if in fact Dervin has been misquoted by YLE (not myself) I add the following excerpt from a book mentioning this post. Since he has smeared this site as ”extremist”, I see no reason to delete my labeling him a ”multi-culti genius”. Hey, I’m being far more fair to him than he will ever be towards me, he never contacted me to request a correction or a retraction.

Research Methods in Intercultural Communication:




Nowhere in the YLE piece, nor in my blogpost do I quote him saying: “all cultures are equal and people should have the right to their culture in Finland”. I just quote the piece writing about what Dervin is promoting: “Dervin sees multiculturalism as a bridge where different cultures can meet on an equal footing, not the current one-way street where Finnish culture has undisputed right of way.


By default, multiculturalism is a utopian ideology that places cultures on a supposed even footing within the culture of the host society, it’s the main reason as to why I juxtaposed it with the American multi-ethnic ‘melting pot’ culture, which is a polar opposite. The ball is in his court, if he ever dares to raise it again.


Yet another multi-culti ‘genius’.


This caught my eye while reading a YLE article on multiculturalism in Finland. Fred Dervin, a Professor of ”Multicultural Education” at the University of Helsinki, believes in multiculturalism as the vehicle to erode the central role/monopoly of the host culture, putting it on an ”equal footing” with all other cultures.

fred dervin-multiculture genius

“Dervin sees multiculturalism as a bridge where different cultures can meet on an equal footing, not the current one-way street where Finnish culture has undisputed right of way.”

So placing Finnish culture on the same equal level as Afghani culture -of which the latter includes many characteristics deemed as heinous crimes by the Finnish judicial system- is a wise, prudent course of action. Somehow Finland would become ”better off” as a result.


Folks, these are the ”geniuses and masterminds”* I often talk about (this time in the social science dept.) who insist on inflicting their version of utopia upon society. Multiculturalism has been proven to be a gross, abject failure of immense proportions, pitting one portion of society against the other in a continual bid of dominance.


It’s a direct offshoot of group identity politics which is diametrically opposed to individualism and individual rights. The statists loves to group people into ”this and that group” for their own political purposes, while addressing the faceless crowd as ”the masses”, denuding them of all their unique humanity and individual experiences.


Instead of unifying under a single culture, with individual and communal deference shown from time to time to other cultures (according to one’s own sense of connection), the multicultural statist places all cultures on a supposed “equal footing” with that of the host culture, then dares to express shock and dismay when people hailing from the host culture refuse to see their culture threatened in such a way.


It seems that these social scientists haven’t learned a thing from the West’s colonial imperial experiences in the developing world one bit. It’s didn’t work there, the people enjoyed some aspects of their interaction with the West, the innovations and ideas of law and protecting the individual, minorities etc., but they sought nonetheless to safeguard their own culture.


”Genius masterminds” like Dervin fail to recognize and understand the greatness of the US model (in which it was originally intended) in which the melting pot would make one people out of many experiences. Trying to maintain a unified state in a society that defines itself as ”multicultural”, is a foolhardy experience destined for failure, no matter how noble the intention. It will not work.


NOTE: * Coined by Mark Levin

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  1. No matter if it (multiculturalism) is a failure, on their minds all it’s for the sake of destroying the system that denies them their (self-assumed) right of governing on the people (of being tyrants).

    Socialists are the first people who don’t believe in multiculturalism, after assuming the power they simply shut down anything that disputes their view of ‘how things must be’ and the hegemony and accuracy of communist ‘culture’. Those monocultural communists states that have existed since the beginning of communism are the perfect example of socialists’ disbelief in their own words.

    It would be perfect to send this guy to live in somalia.

  2. I witnessed the quality of undergraduates studying social studies in a British University in the 1970’s. They were very much involved in student union politicking. For the social studies department, to borrow an aphorism from data processing, it was a case of garbage in, garbage out.

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