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Chuck Hagel is a wannabe player, he’s just to thick upstairs to understand the arguments on either side and that he’s being played for a fool by Obama. He is simply not up to the task of Secretary for the Dept. Of Defense, any more than Obama is for the presidency of the United States. The difference being, Obama is a clever bullshitter and knows how to work the game, Hagel however, is not.


Rubin nails it, an excerpt from: 

Why Chuck Hagel is Really So Scary: He’s Typical of the Current Rulers


There is a deep malady of ignorance and very bad ideas  in the American foreign policy leadership and it has lost the correction mechanisms of criticism from the mass media and academia. Hagel is really rather typical of this group but just not adept at pretending otherwise.

Yet Hagel is not some stereotyped cloistered academic who has learned everything from books. He is a Middle Western equivalent of a “good old boy,” a backslapping, genial sort who merely thinks of his own advancement.

And that’s why he is so scary. There is only one reason for Hagel to be so extreme: he has picked up on the game plan of the winning time, the dominant ideas of this era which he tries to copy in his dimwitted way like a country bumpkin trying to follow the latest fashions from the big city.

In other words, Hagel is the purest, most showy example that anti-Americanism, apologies for America’s enemies, the fixation that the United States has been an evil bully that must be curbed, and contempt for its courageous soldiers and foreign friends is the obsession of the “in” crowd, the decision-making elite. And if you want to be one of them those are the ideas one has to mouth, even if one doesn’t even understand them. Hagel’s brain is the mass market version of Kerry’s and Kerry’s is the collector’s edition of Obama.

Read the entire piece here.

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  1. Dumb like a fox. That sounds like rat cunning to me.

    He got a mauling by the Senate Subcommittee who were mostly quite unimpressed.

    But to publicly state that he had “misspoken” after being handed a note by some background minder.

    It just made him look quite foolish and unable to think on his feet.

    Great analogy KGS with the string comparison between Hagel, Kerry and Obama.

    Made me chortle I have to say.

    1. Thanks Raymond, being a Leftist already betrays a lack of smarts, and when they open their mouths it seals the deal.

  2. IMHO Mr. Hagel is nothing more then a yes man, lackey, and lapdog of, willing to carry the water for the administration of our ‘Dear Leader’.

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