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In a round padded room.

The Hagel fiasco says more about Obama himself than about Chuck Hagel. Obama lifted this former senator out from relative obscurity, to become his number one pick to head the DOD. Obama knew rather well what kind of dufus Hagel is, and chose him nonetheless, they share the same ideological views of both the US and its place in the world. Both men are incompetents and liars.

In the chancelleries of Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Cairo, Pyongyang, the world’s bullied are laughing their heads off.

containing hagel 2.2.2013

You don’t have to be that good to fend off a committee of showboating senatorial blowhards. Hillary Clinton demonstrated that a week or so back when she unleashed what’s apparently the last word in withering putdowns: What difference does it make?

Quite a bit of difference it seems. This week, an over-sedated Elmer Fudd showed up at the Senate claiming to be the president’s nominee for secretary of defense, and even the kindliest interrogators on the committee couldn’t prevent the poor chap shooting himself in the foot.

Twenty minutes in, Chuck Hagel was all out of appendages.

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  1. IMHO Mr. Hagel is the perfect candidate for this job, the regime of our ‘Dear Leader’ will shout ‘jump’ and ‘Ckuckie Boy Hagel’ will respond ‘how high sir’.

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