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It was bloody.

Except for when many of the Dems who were trying to save the president some face for his disastrous pick, soft peddled the questions, heaping accolades and basically slobbering all over him.

Via: Washington Free Beacon:

The Worst 80 Seconds of Chuck Hagel’s Hearing

US senators assail Hagel in heated hearing


Hagel downplays controversial statements, including comment published in 2008 that “Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people.”

Chuck Hagel speaks in Islamabad, April 13, 2006

Chuck Hagel speaks in Islamabad, April 13, 2006 Photo: REUTERS/Mian Kursheed

WASHINGTON – Chuck Hagel came under tough questioning on Iran and Israel from Republicans, and even some Democrats, during his Thursday confirmation hearing to be the next US secretary of defense.

He downplayed controversial statements, including a comment published in 2008 that “the Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people” on Capitol Hill.

Hagel said that “pro-Israel lobby” would have been more accurate, as would have been the word “influence.” He added that he should not have referred to letters in support of Israel circulated by groups such as the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee as “stupid.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (RSouth Carolina) pressed him on those remarks, challenging him to name a person who had been influenced or a wrong-headed policy that had been supported because of lobbying by organizations such as AIPAC, which Hagel declined to do.

More here.

NOTE: The usual milk-toast RINO Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham, came out swinging (when has a Democrat ever addressed a fellow Democrat nominee in such a fashion?):

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  1. Rofl ….. If that was a pissing-contest I guess Hagel is still wet.

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