Looks like yet another setback for the Mullahs.



Israeli intelligence officials have confirmed that a major explosion has rocked an Iranian nuclear facility, according to a report Monday in The Times of London.

The British daily cited officials in Tel Aviv who said the blast occurred last week, as originally reported on the website

Iran is not believed to have evacuated the area surrounding the Fordo plant, according to the same Israeli sources, who said that an investigation into the blast was ongoing.

“We are still in the preliminary stages of understanding what happened and how significant it is,” one Israeli official told the London Times. He did not know if the explosion was “sabotage or accident” and refused to comment on reports that Israeli aircraft were seen near Fordo at the time of the blast.

On Sunday, two senior Iranian officials dismissed reports of the explosion.

Deputy head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency Seyyed Shamseddin Barbroudi said there had been no explosion at the Fordo facility whatsoever, according to the official Islamic Republic News Agency.

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  1. Interesting considerations from a variety of comments to similar stories online. While the Israeli’s report confirmation of blast . . .this morning’s twitter reveals Iran issues denial. From what I’ve read, the evacuation occurred @/near the Isfahan nuclear site while the earthquake like explosion took place at Fordow. Whatever the actual details, recent online chatter indicates the nuclear wetdreams of shia Iran have suffered significant setbacks, . . .inshallah.

    via comment@ NewEnglishReview by

    “Aaron Tovish”:

    Never know the truth?? The IAEA has cameras operating 24 hours a day and conducts regular inspections of Frodo. They will be able to definitvely confirm or deny this soon.
    I am immediately suspicious of articles that overlook the obvious
    Furthermore, if the explosion was as powerful as claimed, the CTBTO’s international monitoring system of seismometers will pick up the ground motion at several of its stations.
    Finally, the report claims with confidence that there were no injuries? I would like to know how they could have confirmed that?

    via VOA: “Iran Claims Terror Blasts Cut Power to Nuclear Site – September 17, 2012 , [Fordow, Northern Iran] [fwiw: earthquake history]
    January 4th, 2013, blogger: Legal Insurrection reported a massive evacuation of a town near another nuclear facility: Iranian authorities ordered Isfahan’s 1.5 million residents to leave the city because pollution in the area “has reached emergency levels.”

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