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I’m telling you, all this woman cares about is power.

That alone should be enough to convince. Read Daniel Greenfield’s latest piece on her, it’s like the Enola Gay over Hirsohima, right on target.

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Like Molly Brown, Hillary Clinton has picked the perfect time to exit the sinking wreck. The Arab Spring is starting to take on tones so ugly that even the most sheltered liberal warding off the real world with unfurled copies of the New York Times and the Washington Post cannot deny that something appears to have gone wrong. As Egypt burns, Hillary passes the baton to John Kerry, who has never met a dictator that he didn’t fall in love with, and leaves him with the responsibility of dealing with the disaster.

The Unsinkable Hillary

As a former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton finally has some credentials to present for the 2016 race, above and beyond those of a carpetbagger sliming her way into a senate seat on her husband’s name and his connections. But those credentials are entirely worthless.

Hillary Clinton has a slew of photographs as mementos from her time in office, including some taken by cell phone cameras in the streets of Benghazi, but no actual accomplishments. Her reset button with Russia failed from the start and as she heads for the exit, relations with the big bear are far worse than they were when she brought the infamous misspelled button as a peace offering.

China has slid over to the hardliners and is actively courting a conflict with Japan. North Korea has taken its cue from Beijing and is openly talking about using nuclear weapons against the United States. Most of America’s Middle Eastern allies that don’t have oil have fallen into the hands of Islamist regimes and it is now in the situation of being entirely dependent on political and tribal Islamists.

The news doesn’t get better anywhere else. The left has a hard grip on South America and the PRI is even back in power in Mexico. Europe “likes” us better now that one of theirs is in power, but that liking doesn’t actually translate into influence. Under Bush, America led Europe. Under Obama, America is led around into backing the UK and France’s wars while being shut out of their economic sessions. About the only accomplishment that Clinton can claim anywhere is in Burma, a place that is mainly of interest to professional human rights activists.

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