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America was not founded upon the ”class system”, but the statist will always create one to benefit themselves, whether it be in a Communist-Socialist state, or in the post-constitutional republic of the U.S.


In a blockbuster one-hour investigative special that aired on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Friday, Peter Schweizer, Steve Bannon, and Sean Hannity exposed how Washington, D.C. has extracted power and money from the United States into a centralized location to become the country’s greatest “boomtown,” despite not creating anything.

Schweizer, the president of the nonpartisan Government Accountability Institute, highlighted how the permanent political class that relies on lobbying and influence peddling makes more money by “growing the size of government,” which leaves no incentive on either side of the aisle to limit government.

As a result, he noted the three richest counties and seven of the top ten wealthiest counties in the nation are in the Washington, D.C. region. The District also consumes the most fine wine in the nation. He asserted the business in Washington is now “not politics” but “money.”

Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News, said the best and the brightest now come to Washington because they see Washington as a Tammany Hall that will allow them to get rich off of influence peddling. He noted that Washington D.C. runs the equivalent of a $4 trillion private equity fund every year and essentially doles out 25% of the country’s wealth to those who are connected.

“Nobody has ever turned a camera on them,” Bannon said, indicating he intends to change that in the future. “This is a permanent political class that has now formed an aristocracy. That’s why nothing has changed in Washington.”

Bannon explained people arrive in Washington as country lawyers and then decide to “turn the business of government into a family business” by having their wives and kids work in lobbying.

“And this is how they become a permanent political class,” he concluded.

Hannity mentioned that Washington politicians “kick money back to family, friends, or people that hire them when they retire.”

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  1. Too much truth!

    Hannity, next to get the shoe from Fox.

    Occasional contributor Sarah Palin has just been replaced with super moonbat Dennis Kucinich.

  2. I have been stating for years that most of our ‘esteemed’ representatives and members of the Senate once elected into office, upon crossing the Beltway are wined, dined, and pocket lined by the horde of lobbyists that infest the Capitol city. They suffer from terminal amnesia forgetting why they were sent there and for whom they are supposed to represent. All we get is a lot of pompous bluster, photo shoots, and phone calls asking for campaign funds.

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