Caroline Glick Israeli settlements



She stomps her opponents.

This should be filed under: how to talk to the moronic Left when you have to. Special thanks to Vlad for uploading this video portion as I requested. Much appreciated. The full video debate can be viewed here.

Also: Glick: Bye Bye London

2 Responses

  1. A brilliant exposition by Caroline Glick.

    Ironic that this savage but accurate indictment of the failed policies of Britain from 1919 to date should be so keenly exposed in the home of present day antisemitism.

    Britain’s legacy vis-a-vis its outright opposition and resistance to the eventual establishment of a Jewish State is truly shameful.

    Have they learned nothing?

  2. Powerful, emotionally charged but in every way substantiated and to the point.

    I suppose this was not the speech event that so discouraged her; everything seemed pretty civil. There must have been another event where they shouted her down…..

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