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What the Nazis failed to accomplish during WWII, the multiculturalists are busily completing, despite their utopian dreams and denials.

The Leftists’ policy of monoculture Islam as the key, central part of their ‘multicultural’ societal plan, has been a boondoggle of immense proportions from the very beginning, and is now wrenching the pants of the multiculturalists down around their ankles.

‘Group rights’ and policies have always come at the expense of individual liberties and freedoms, now Jews (many of whom, like others, ignorantly supported these policies) are now forcing themselves to vacate to safer areas. Welcome to the ‘new Europe’.

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Jews leaving muslim brussels  23,1,2013

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten: The Maimonides School in the center of Brussels was built in 1947 as a sign of the return of Jewish life. Some 60 years later, the school is fighting for survival. You must be closed, or find a new location. Because the area in Brussels, where the school is located, has evolved over the past few years to a predominantly Muslim neighborhood. The Jews found themselves increasingly under hostile conditions. The result: A dramatic reduction of the Jewish population and thus an almost impossible situation for the school, Pamela Geller wrote on her blog .

The Jews have left the center of the city and moved to the suburbs of Brussels.“The story of Maimonides, the history of Jewish community in Brussels and their growing unease,” said Joel Rubinfeld, former Maimonides students and vice-chairman of the European Jewish Parliament, the Times of Israel . In place of the Jews in the city center of Brussels immigrated mainly Muslim immigrants. Especially the Gaza conflict here have stepped up anti-Semitism. Parents preferred to send their children to other schools. The problem of the school is now a security issue.

“The area has one immigrant population, the Jews is not just a positive-minded,” says Agnes also Bensimon, a spokeswoman for the Israeli Embassy in Brussels. For the Maimonides School this means it may soon end. The Jewish school reported fewer registrations. Currently amount the debt to the public sector to eight million dollars. Already this year would have to close the school. To prevent this, now a move is contemplated – also in the city suburbs.

It also reflects similar conditions are in France and Holland. Especially when Jews were seen for example on a kippa, they could not get married in certain areas.“Walking around with a kippah, is dangerous in many European cities,” says Rubinfeld. Even in Berlin, it was only in August there was an attack on a rabbi by teenagers.


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