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Indonesia’s Islamic sharia run hell hole state of Aceh.

Blaming victims for whatever crimes committed against them is the lowest of lows. There can be no justice in a state where the victim is considered at fault for the criminal actions of another. There is no such thing as someone ”had it coming”, the fault always lies with the perp for whatever the reasons behind his or her thinking.

NOTE: Finland’s former president Martti Ahtisaari brokered the autonomy of Muslim Aceh. What a swell guy, ”tired but satisified” and an ignoramus about the Islamic hell hole he helped to create.

Martti Ahtisaari

Ordinary Indonesians against judges and politicians who “justify” sexual violence

by Mathias Hariyadi

An official from Sharia-ruled Aceh province blames “sexy women” for rape. A judge claims that both rapist and victim “enjoy” the act, hence the death penalty is inappropriate. Such views, which follow the death of an 11-year-old girl who was gang-raped, have outraged women.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Statements by politicians, judges and high ranking government officials on the responsibility of women in their own rape are causing outrage among ordinary Indonesians. A judge, for example, joked about sexual violence before a parliamentary committee. In Indonesia’s only Sharia-ruled province, an official said that women wearing “sexy outfits” are “asking for it”, an especially ill-timed statement made not long after an 11-year-old girl died in Jakarta after being gang-raped, in a case not unlike that of the 23-year-old Indian woman whose story moved the world.

In a recent statement, Ramli Mansur, head of the North Aceh Regency, said that “sexy women” are “easily subject to rape” because their clothing is “un-Islamic”. In his view, such women “are asking for rape, including gang-rape” because of their “good looks”.

In an attempt to defuse the controversy, the Indonesian government said the official’s words were misconstrued, that in fact, he only wanted to warn women to dress more in line with Islamic precepts, which are the law in Aceh.

More here. Via TROP

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