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Proof that higher education doesn’t necessarily have all its marbles in place.

If the faculty law school would look deeper than the line quoted, and into the actual ideology of Islam, they would soon find out that the Islamic understanding of ‘justice’ has nothing to do with the Western understanding whatsoever. Like Bill Warner has often pointed out, lacking the Golden Rule in ethics, Islam is an intolerant, oppressive and anti-human ideology. It’s sharia, which is being touted by the totally ignorant Harvard faculty of law, cannot even be compared to our Western law of jurisprudence for it fails all the tests of being humane, impartial……and just.

harvard follies  koran quote 14.1.2013

More here. Via TROP

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  1. I became Muslim about 2 years ago and it was by far the greatest decision Ive ever made in my life. I studied just about every major religion and ideology of our time fir almosr 6 years. I found Islam to be the most logical, factual, comprehensive religion out there. Contrary to what I had been told by the media and websites like this, Islam is the most beautiful way of life in the world, it is also the fastest growing. No mayter what lies and false acusations people invent against it, Islam will continue to grow and prosper InshAllah.


    1. You have every right to believe in what you will, as long as it doesn’t effect me. However, Islam does effect me, even as a non-believer, and that’s what I take exception to. As for logic and factual, Islam is far removed from both.

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