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  1. Terror attacks on Frrench territory can only mean attacks by fifth column islamists already living in France. When is France and the EU going to wake up to the ultimate agenda of muslims? Why does islam be permitted to exist in Germany – yet Nazism is banned? Both are equally pernicious to societies freedoms. In fact islam is more so. At least the Nazis could drink.

  2. Here’s the big question. When the jihadis blow up and kill French infidels in one of the French cities, and it is not if, and it will be soon, HOW will the French react? Will they go for appeasement and have all the taqiya muslim spokesmen and dhimmi scholar apologists rolled out to smooth over the obvious? Will they really get serious about flattening N. Mali, who cares about casualties? Will the French lash out at the invaders already in France? Will France recognize an enemy within, Islam? I am not optimistic. Hollande seems to be a stupid man and understanding Islam not possible to his liberal mindset.

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