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Qureishi makes it clear at the end of the debate, that to criticize the invited speaker (al-Hadad) who promotes the values of Mohamed, is then guilty of blaspheming against Mohmed. He makes it quite clear, that there is no citicizing practicing Muslims or Islam.

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  1. The slow torture and murder of normal humans by psychopaths may seem cruel at first but its beauty simply needs time and knowledge of our 7th century prophet to be fully appreciated so please give us a few decades and your children and grandchildren will LOVE IT 🙂

  2. I shed another tear of sorrow for humanity to see a fellow human with his mind so warped by indoctrination, by greed (for eternal life in some fanciful paradise) and by fear (not only of eternal torture but also of being killed by other, mind-damaged Muslims) that he would draw an analogy between barbaric seventh-century customs of Bedouin bandits and a beautiful painting. It reminds me of the old English parable: “There’s none so blind as those that will not see.”

  3. How many times does Islam have to tell us exactly what their ideology is, and their plans. We have no one to blame. Did you notice how he back-door threatened the leftist about crossing the line of insulting the profit?
    Very illustrative of the western civilized man’s inability to stand up for his culture, and civilization in general.

  4. Did no one read Mein Kampf? Islam makes it plain. It is the westerners who are deluded. Is it too late already?

  5. Islam is the words that came out of the mouth of Mohammed, and his deeds are an example to all Muslims. What Mohammed said is supposed to come directly from Allah therefore his word is the law not to be doubted or questioned. Islam is the words and the deeds of Mohammed as recorded in the Hadith and the Koran, and it’s nasty stuff. Mohammed was a terrorist and a conqueror, and the ideal Muslim is the terrorist and conqueror. The only way to combat Islam is to expose how wicked its doctrine is and to close our borders to Muslims. The greatest threat to us is from the Muslims that live amongst us. We must unite against the common enemy: Islam. Islam is intent on forcing us into submission.

  6. Why is it that we continue to not believe what Muslims tell us about their religion? Maybe it is so barbaric and unbelievable that the modern Western mind cannot grasp the concept that a group of people masquerading as a religion could adhere to such medieval beliefs.

    Did you notice that he invoked the “out of context” defense for stoning and death for apostasy, but when asked to put it into context he deflected by calling for people to read the Quran? He did it because there is no context for this, it is indefensible.

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