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There has been a recent, an still ongoing debate here in Finland, over supposed ‘racism/racist incidents’ that have led to at least one public personality, Umayya Abu-Hanna, an Israeli Arab anti-Israel propagandist to leave for The Netherlands.

(Sorry my Dutch friends, she’s yours to handle now).


The cultural elite are desperate to show ‘just how racist Finland is’, and then turn it on the Finns party as being responsible for these attitudes. Of course it’s entirely difficult to prove racism, outside of actual acts of violence perpetrated against minorities and perhaps in incidents of job discrimination based on color or ethnicity, and no doubt such incidents occur.

It doesn’t mean however that the country is awash in incidents of ‘ethnic Finnish’ racism towards immigrants, this is nothing more than scare mongering with an agenda to delegitimize a political party. Racism is not an exclusive commodity of one sect of people or race, it’s an unfortunate negative trait shared across all ethnic/racial lines.

Yes, immigrants can have/and have, shared racist antimosity towards the host society as well.

There is more to this sudden explosion of ”incidents of racism” being published by the biased domestic media, it speaks more of an agenda than of actual acts of racism. No where else in the world have immigrants been treated with better respect and chances of economic success than in the West, that’s why they keep pouring into it. The self flagellating cultural elite would have you believe otherwise.

Immigrant children face racism

Foreign-looking kids in Finland are often the target of verbal abuse, says Save the Children Finland.

Koululaisia kirjoittamassa liitutaululle.
Image: Yle

“Following recent public debate on racism, people have phoned in and told us about their experiences, for example, how a dark-skinned 10 year-old was purposely shoved on the bus and no one did anything,” Satu Kanninen of the organisation told Yle’s morning show on Thursday.

According to Kanninen, adults may also question visibly ethnic children’s right to be in this country.

“One boy said he had experienced racism at the doctor’s office.”

Being the target of racism can affect a child’s identity.

”Some kids develop special coping mechanisms—like avoiding certain streets where they know they’ll be shouted at.”

Save the Children says it has tried to understand how adults can justify bullying children.

”Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that children are defenseless,” she said.

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  2. Why does this pathetic woman have to go to my country now? Not fair. Let’s send her to a fun and festive place. Pakistan or Iran or something. I’ll bet they are very welcoming to this Islamochristian.

    1. Sorry this high maintenance woman is your problem now but she’ll leave the Netherlands if you only give her money but not kowtow to her.
      The arabic muslim nations will not take her because they hate palestinians in their countries. They are only useful for causing misery in Israel.

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