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Sam hit the nail on the head repeatedly, where he gets it wrong however, is in the equating of Islamic reform with that of the Catholic church and the belief that in the end, Islam will reform itself like all other religions, ‘it’s just that we don’t have the luxury in having 500 years to wait”.

The Reformation was about reforming the Catholic church, not about Christianity itself. It’s like stating that there’s a need to reform the Sunni Muslims, but not Islam, there’s nothing wrong with Islam, just Sunni Muslims. The whole of the koran, hadiths and sunna of Mohamed will have to undergo a major transformation / understanding and codified into an Islamic version of canon law.

Then there’s the obvious fact that the overwhelming majority of Muslims who profess some kind of allegiance to Islam and its founder, will reject an Islamic enlightenment, knowing full well where (and what) the Christian one led to. Freedom of the individual to pick and choose one’s own destiny. free from coercion and victimization, women’s rights etc..

Islam means submission, that will be a very tall obstacle to climb for any potential reformer, let alone for the average follower to overcome.

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