Islamophobia Ruse



It’s a ruse.

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 ”Islamists inflate the number of anti-Muslim crimes in order to silence critics”.

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It’s a fact that fundamentalist Muslims with an Islamic political agenda (read = sharia), created the Islamofauxbia ruse, to subvert U.S. society. Other Muslims, many in league with these same fundamentalists, knowingly or not, then created a meme, in response to growing resistance to Islam, that since most Muslims don’t really follow Islam as it was written, then Islam itself is ”just like any other religion” and not the problem.

Anyone daring to point out the fallacy of such an assertion, is then quickly smeared that their thinking is equal to that of the Taliban, and therefore are extremists themselves.

It’s like calling an anti-Nazi ‘extremist‘ for pointing out the inherent evil design of much of National Socialism and its destructiveness for modern day liberal (classical sense) democracies, because many Germans didn’t buy into or follow all of Hitler’s Mein Kampf ideology.

It’s entirely irrelevant how many people you know or can find, who culturally identify with the label of ‘Muslim’, who do not follow all of what the Koran, hadiths and sunna of Mohamed says. The point is, their indifference to these texts, do not render them invalid. That is what we in the anti-Islamization movement are trying to raise awareness about.

Not recognizing that truth, is tantamount to kicking the can down the road for future generations to deal with. Ignoring it, does nothing to remove that inconvenient truth, it will always remain a clear and present danger, because no Muslim, without pressure, will dare call for an international Islamic version of Vatican I and II, to deal with these violent, intolerant and highly anti-Semitic verses.

muslim denounces ruse of islamofauxbia 11.1.2013

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  1. Quote:

    “However, the fact that over 90 per cent of Muslims are not associated with any Islamic organisation or mosque and visit it no more than once or twice a year.”

    All the more reason and justification to deny and permanently prohibit further construction of mega-mosques and Islamic learning centers anywhere and everywhere in The West.

    1. WTD……..excellent observation. There’s no need for these beachheads when the populace isn’t using them.

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