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This area called Mulhouse, is a Muslim enclave and hotbed of Muslim activity, there’s no question as to the backgrounds of the perps, in spite of the lack of information on their identity. Here’s a video of the attack.

france-three minors attak a tram with weapons and bombs 11.1.2013

A dozen men attacked the train

“They do not recognize the facts,” had told Reuters late in the day Monday, prosecutor Mulhouse, Hervé Robin, noting that the video and the smell of gasoline on their clothes were so many elements to load . 

The incident dates back to Saturday evening, shortly after 20:30 in the sensitive area of ​​Coteaux.Noting the presence of an obstacle on the road, the driver of the tram passengers has revealed. Then a dozen people attacked the train, throwing projectiles and Molotov cocktails. The driver, who was not injured, was quickly extinguished a fire. The train was seriously damaged, six windows and a door were broken.

“A new level of violence”

The police quickly arrested three minors on site, two of which were already known for acts of violence.”The authors have deliberately threw Molotov cocktails into the windshield, where it reached a new level of violence,” said a police source.

This episode occurs while Mulhouse was the scene of several recent episodes of urban violence, including the latest during the New Year’s Eve (cars burned, stoned police and firefighters). Following these events, the Interior Ministry has sent a hundred to Mulhouse CRS Further, for a period of two months.

More here in French. Via Vlad. H/T Golem Bar

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