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It’s called basic Islam 101.

As we have seen around the world, street vigilantism is the heart and soul of any area under full Islamic control. This is just a muscle flexing exercise, with the expressed desire to intimidate the police, and society in general, for whatever the reasons at the time. This is how it has been done for centuries, Muslim leaders inciting spasms of violence until the region if fully sharia compliant.

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Did hate speeches spark Dhule violence?

By NitiCentral Staff on January 8, 2013

Did hate speeches spark Dhule violence?

After violent clashes between two communities in the Maharashtra town of Dhule caused police firing and ended with five deaths, police have now started investigating the role of hate speeches made by Muslim politicians ahead of Municipal elections in the town.

“We have inputs of a few Muslim politicians inciting a crowd in Dhule and allegedly telling them to attack policemen and officers at the next opportunity. We do not know the reason behind this, but this will be probed,” an Indian Express report quotes Director General of Police Sanjeev Dayal as saying.

Abu Azmi, Mumbai unit president of the Samajwadi Party, who is said to have been leading the politicians told Indian Express, “I don’t remember the context of the speech made. I would not use words like these. I said the police are being unfair to Muslims. Innocent men are being put behind bars. The Government should do something. Police should get punished. This is what I say everywhere and I am sure I said the same in Dhule in October 2012.”

Dayal said, “Over 113 policemen were attacked, with 48 seriously injured and admitted. The superintendent has incurred four stitches on his cheek. ASP and deputy SP were attacked by a mob in a narrow alley with stones and all sorts of things.”

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