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The treachery of multicultural politics.

This is the naked, unbearable truth that the mighty lords of multiculturalism want to keep from you. Policies that they have foisted upon society without any referendum whatsoever acknowledging all the known pros and cons well in advance for the people to decide upon. It was all done for them, perhaps well meaning, but done unilaterally nonetheless and now the people have to pay for their gross error in judgement.

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Police: Force of Young Moroccan Criminals cannot be Stopped

Despite 15 years of police initiatives, young Moroccans from Amsterdam cannot be stopped as the greatest group of new criminals. Willem Woelders, a senior national police officer and former head of the Amsterdam Police Detective unit described the Amsterdam Diamond neighborhood as a nursery for these criminals five years ago. This prediction seems to have come true. “These youngsters to whom I referred then, commit crimes throughout the whole country, perpetrate hold-ups and resort to violence.” A new low point was reached with the murder of two of these criminals in Amsterdam a few days ago.

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Young Moroccans continue to advance as the largest group of new criminals

Despite numerous initiatives which the government since the late nineties have been trying to force derailed Moroccan boys on the right path, there remain groups throughout the city who are unstoppable, and are advancing as the largest group of new criminals.

6 Responses

  1. Round them all up and put them in prisons never to be released.

  2. They cannot be stopped because the political establishment in plain language have no balls. Any problem can be dealt with if the people demand action, new laws and a crackdown on this criminal behavior. Crime will always be rampant if it is accepted and ignored.

  3. The basic notion of getting tough with these young thugs seems never to have been thought of, let alone implemented.

    Ultimately, though, it comes back to their political masters who lack the will, single mindedness, and sheer gritty resolve to deal with the problem.

    A study tour to Singapore to see how the government there deals with criminals would be a salutory experience for these no-hoper politicians.

    Then they would be without excuse. . . Well they are without excuse now, one would have to say.

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