Iran Nukes



Special thanks to Vlad for putting this thing together.

If you’re still undecided, even after all that’s been said about Iran’s dark designs against Israel, what about your feelings for the Iranian people themselves? If you think that the Iranian regime is oppressive now, just wait until they have an arsenal of nuke weapons. Just ask the people of N.Korea if they think their government gives a damn about world condemnation over their civil/human rights abuses.

Once the Mullah run regime has a standing arsenal of nukes, the real gloves come off, with the people falling into the governments cross hairs being scattered around the gulag archipelago of Iran.

NOTE: Fareed Zakaria, the discredited talk show host at CNN is a complete mental midget, a jerk and an apologist for Iran.

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  1. Loved this debate. How can I learn who won?
    BTW, does discredited Zakaria’s anti-Israel bias have something to do with his Islamic faith? He sickens me just by looking at him.

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