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It’s the same reason why he was elected, twice.

What he, (Fred Barnes) fails to mention or draw a real conclusion to, is the fact that the media across the board, refuses to treat this president like it does all other presidents before him, because he’s a half black Democrat. Lets face the facts as they are, if Obama was a Republican, even a fully black one at that, the treatment would be in the reverse.

It’s not just that Obama is half black, Republican black Americans have been subjected to the worst of the worst reporting and smear mongering that the press can offer. No, his preferential treatment by the media in general has everything to do with him being, partially black, and a Democrat. Full stop.

The reason behind Barnes’ failure to mention the obvious, should be obvious to everyone, the media’s inherent biases and its own soft racism. That should have been the focus of the piece, the reason why it wasn’t, should be obvious.

NOTE: The only way for the next four years not to be a repeat of the last four, is that the media itself comes under increasing fire for its gross malfeasance.


obama four year honeymoon 6.1.2013

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  1. The MSM is in essence our ‘Dear Leader’s’ very own ‘Ministry Of Truth And Propaganda.’

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