A case of pot calling the kettle black.


Like I have said earlier, I have absolutely no dog in this fight, it’s clearly a case of Alien vs.Predator, and I hope both sides are successful against each other. The non-totalitarians on the opposition’s side are greatly outnumbered, they simply haven’t a chance, saying so is just being realistic.

Assad Calls Syrian Opposition ‘Criminals’

President Bashar Assad called on Syrians to defend their country against Islamic extremists seeking to destroy the nation, dismissing any prospect of dialogue with the “murderous criminals” he says are behind the uprising even as he outlined his vision for a peaceful settlement to the civil war.

In a one-hour speech to the nation in which he appeared confident and relaxed, Assad struck a defiant tone, ignoring international demands for him to step down and saying he is ready to hold a dialogue — but only with those “who have not betrayed Syria.”

He offered a national reconciliation conference, elections and a new constitution but demanded regional and Western countries stop funding and arming rebels trying to overthrow him first.

Syria’s opposition swiftly rejected the proposal. Those fighting to topple the regime, including rebels on the ground, have repeatedly said they will accept nothing less than the president’s departure, dismissing any kind of settlement that leaves him in the picture.

“It is an excellent initiative that is only missing one crucial thing: His resignation,” said Kamal Labwani, a veteran secular dissident and member of the opposition’s Syrian National Coalition umbrella group.

“All what he is proposing will happen automatically, but only after he steps down,” Labwani told The Associated Press by telephone from Sweden.

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  1. Personally – I think he is the lesser of 2 evils. There are more than enough video clips around showing just how civil the sharia-seeking, Mubro wahabi-backed islamists really are. i.e. worse than animals,. Under this sub-human garbage – Syria will become a base camp for forays into Europe.

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