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Who, this guy?

Without a doubt. What a disaster waiting to happen, without the right guy/gal at the helm, the GOP is toast in two years. Which is fine for many on the Left, they have an automatic affinity for one party rule. Just remind yourself about the Obamacare vote they rammed through without a single Republican vote.


It’s an embarrassing time to be a Republican Congressman—albeit an outgoing Congressman. 

As negotiators, we utterly failed to meet our two objectives: to reduce spending and prevent tax increases. President Obama demanded tax increases with small spending cuts, and that’s exactly what passed.

Thanks to the leadership of Speaker John Boehner, the House passed a bill which raises taxes by $620 billion while cutting spending by a mere $15 billion over 10 years. Usually, a compromise is an even trade (one-for-one). In this trade, House and Senate Republicans traded $41 dollars in tax hikes for every $1 dollar in spending cuts—not exactly a balanced approach.

Conservatives can thank the Republican establishment for this profound failure.

While establishment Republicans and the media blamed Tea Party conservatives for holding up a deal, we found out last night that Speaker Boehner was willing all along to balk 150 members of his caucus and join with the Democrats to raise taxes.

Speaker Boehner and his merry band of establishment Republicans wanted to blame the tea party freshman for putting him between a rock and a hard place during these negotiations, but that wasn’t the case. The truth is, protecting the establishment from their own votes is what has put him in such an untenable spot.

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