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  1. Sadly, he has missed the point- Islamists don’t want sharia for themselves, they want to impose it on us, along with Islam in toto. We are to become dhimmis, subjugated, to feel humiliated and to admit it. Islam is racial supremacy, more even than Hitler wished for, to be achieved ruthlessly and savagely. Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb sums it up.

  2. there were 2 continents where white people could live withoug being under constant threat of extermination by racial enemies. in both of them, white people have becomed ashamed of being white, and are inviting the non-white to live in ever greater numbers. the whites in power are incapable of discerning the racial animosity their guests hold for them, and the degree to which the newcomers are not affected by any guilt at all at being flagrant racists. soon, when the whites in power have achieved their aim–the transfer of majority status to the nonwhites, both europe and north america will be the site of massive genocide, where the once-guilty whites will be mass murdered by the people they invited to conquer them. so, the question “should britain push back” is an absurd question. of course they should, unless the white population of britain really wants to be murdered. they can mealy mouth about tolerance, diversity, and zenophobia all they dare, but if they do not evict the conquers they have invited, they will be genocided. sooner than they think.

  3. Britain will only ‘wake up’ when it is too late. Our children are being brainwashed ‘tolerance’ at school, unless you have discussion times during news or reading the papers or setting time to really talk about our culture and how to measure good from bad cultures and what makes certain cultures work and why Islam can never work and use the given texts, then children will only hear the view of their teachers and peers. History is being re-written e.g. the World Wars are now being taught as civil wars for instance. The new culture of many paths all being equal and preservation of ‘feelings’ over measurable truth will swamp our culture because of the indolence of parents/grandparents with regard to teaching the tenets of our culture.

  4. We must keep all debates going until they are won. Be outspoken. Win.

  5. UK- the only country in the world that hates it’s own citizens more than it’s enemies.

  6. As I have stated before IMHO these ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ in their warped minds are always right, one can never debate, discuss, argue or even have a civil dialogue when it comes to any part of Islam . Yes it is time to push back and treat them like everyone else. The ass kissing, groveling and the special privileges granted to them by the political class who have sold out the citizens they swore an oath to serve must end.

  7. The endgame for Islam will begin in 2014. We can already see the beginning of the end of Islam in the West. Meanwhile, the West cold-heartedly and with design, helps Muslim fanatics to gain power in what were once “moderate” regimes.

    1. I have to disagree with ” the West cold-heartedly and with design, helps Muslim fanatics to gain power in what were once “moderate” regimes.”

      The leadership of the West is too ignorant and frightened to be as clever as that. It only appears to be so, but it is simply dhimmie appeasement. Some much greater hand is choreographing this.

  8. Along the lines of DP111, Islam is rushing to its self destruction. It won’t be governments that will address them in the West, it will be the people in a grand display of blunt and gleaming edges under the flicker of torch light. Some outrageous Muslim atrocity in the West will spark it and when it begins there will be no stopping it. In the Muslim homelands by that time the Ummah will be generally bathing in sharia and growing weaker and stupider by the day. They will collapse as parasites without a host.

    Woe unto Islam and victory for humanity. You can’t save the world for omelets without breaking a bushel of rotten eggs however. What can you do about dogs that have Rabies?

  9. In 2005, the current British Prime Minister described islamasists as “Nazis”.

    In 2006, at a memorial event for the assassinated gay politician Pim Fortuyn, Douglas Murray delivered a speech where he actually came up with some guidelines for how european countries need to push back against treasonous muslims within our midst. Murray should also have called for the execution of those treasonous inter-national socialists of the left, like the one who assassinated Fortuyn.

    The British “Conservative” Party spent the next 5 years ostracising Douglas Murray for his remarks. How Douglas Murray should have responded to that criticism is outlined here (he should have gone on the offensive):

    As admirable as Douglas Murray is, he is no Pim Fortuyn. The assassination of Pim Fortuyn put the fight-back against islamisation at least 20 years (possibly more).

  10. The Islamic world has yet to see a separation between mosque and state.

    In the mean time it is the responsibility of the liberal world to protect its own civil rights and stand up against Islamic bullying – ideally without becoming a bully itself in the process.

    The West must remember that Islam is not a religion in the Western sense of the word but a detailed 7th century Saudi-Arabian style of governing which is fundamentally incompatible with democratic society.

    Salman Rushdie cannot be the only outspoken critical voice among 1.5 billion Muslims. Where are the others?

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