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Debbie Schlussel had the goods on PF here in ‘Pink Floyd’s Nazi, Roger Waters‘. So if you’re a proud supporter of Israel you have to make a concerted effort to not only boycott anything related to Pink Floyd, but you also have the responsibility of sharing information with others about this anti-Semite.

NOTE: Waters also promotes the same antisemitic meme as Finland’s Vice Chairman of its Foreign Affairs Committee, Pertti Salolainen:

pertti salolainen anti-semitic smear on US Jews 30.11.2012


Another Pr*ck in the Wall . . .

We don’t need no Anti-Semites
No Jewish history deniers
No genocidal sympathizers
Roger leave those Jews alone
Hey, Roger, leave those Jews alone!
All and all it’s just a-nother pr*ck in the wall.
All and all you’re just a-nother pr*ck in the wall!

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist!) . . . Lisa Michelle

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  1. Yah regarding Roger Waters. It shows what drug abuse can do to a human.

  2. He’s not an anti-semite. If you watch the whole video he’s simply condemning some specific actions of the state of Israel, not the totality of the Jewish faith. The real person to blame is Hitler. Thanks to the awful injustices against the Jews during that time, we’ve since clouded our minds with this idea that some people are immune from equal scrutiny simply because they were once oppressed. Don’t get me wrong, antisemitism surely exists and is a subset of the plague on mankind that falls under social tribalism. However, just as antisemitism is wrong, so is giving a pass to any group from scrutiny of their actions. Do you protest the truth of his words or simply that they are directed at a group associated with the Jewish faith?

  3. Good words, Carl- glad you see the silliness of this. Although Hamas is responsible for some atrocious acts, Israel is far from blameless (the murder of children being the benchmark for both sides).People, when defending Israel, tend to overlook Israel’s forceful expulsion of hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinian farmers from their motherland during the 1940s – and this no doubt caused some lasting resentment. Also, the word “antisemitic” seems to be thrown around a lot by the reactionary and the uneducated: both Arabs and Jews are technically Semites, so it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to include only one side in its definition.

    1. Suton, there is a mighty big difference between intentional murder of innocents, and the unintended results of a strike against terrorists who hide among the civilian population. Those who fail to recognize that are guilty of ignorance or moral inversion. There is also the issue of the Muslims deeming male children from the ages of 10 to 16 as able bodied soldiers, many of whom make up the numbers counted as ”children” killed by Israel. That’s the clear fault of the Hamas and Fatah, not Israel. As for ”forced expulsion” during the 1940’s, no doubt some happened, but in the context of clearing an area of hostiles during a battle. It would be more intellectually honest if that would have been taken into consideration, as well as the historical record of Jewish leaders calling for the Arabs to remain where they were (in city centers where there were no fighting going on), as well as Arab leaders calling for them to leave in mass. As for the use of the term anti-Semitism, it is a universally known term defining anti-Jewish bigotry and sentiment and actions. No use in re-inventing the wheel, especially at a time when Muslims (regardless of race and ethnicity) deny Islamic/Muslim antisemtism (or Judeophobia if you wish).

  4. Watch the ENTIRE video. He had specific things he took offense to and he named them, ie he has an opinion like everyone else. Doesn’t make him an antisemite. Secondly boycott all things Pink Floyd over it? He left Pink Floyd 30 YEARS AGO ya dumb fucks. You want to boycott, boycott Roger…you know since he’s had a solo career for 3 freaking decades. Are you people seriously that far behind?

  5. It is thoughtless and just plain stupid to automatically disregard any criticism of Israel by claiming that it is an “anti-Semitic” position. It is a irrelevant comment and counts upon a populace warped by propaganda. Even most of Israel knows that it’s bullshit.

    1. No, you clearly do not understand classic Jew hatred. Actually, your using the tired old meme of “It is thoughtless and just plain stupid to automatically disregard any criticism of Israel by claiming that it is an “anti-Semitic” position….” is something all Jew haters use. Not saying you are personally, but in the end, I’ve never encountered a Jew hater who didn’t use that line…emphatically so.

  6. he wont be happy until israel is under sharia law, like most of his UK will soon be cuz they just so afriad to be called racist, betetr to destroy the country then right roger, we dont need no infidel dogs

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