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Jordan was in fact the first Palestinian state, wrestled from the original plan for the Jewish Homeland, it was handed over to the Hashmites (a Western imposed kingship) as a sop for their approval of Jewish state on the other side of the Jordan.

After the handover was completed, the Trans-Jordan/Jordan state reneged on their agreement with the British Mandate, and demanded an end to Jewish involvement in the region, let alone the building of a nascent state. The rest is history.

Please do remember that the term ‘Black September’ (a name taken by the Pali terrorist group that massacred Jewish athletes at the Munich Olympic Games in 72′) denotes the period in which PLO kingpin, Yasser Arafat, tried to overthrow the Jordanian  King and lost big time. Thousands of Arab ‘Palestinians’ died.

After having been driven to Lebanon, only to end up causing a disastrous civil war there, the PLO leadership was then deported to Tunis, then delivered from obscurity by delusional Israeli politicians who actually thought a Pali autonomous region/later an independent state would be enough to end their war against Israel. What they really wanted however was the destruction of Israel.

are palis redy to share a state with jordan 28.12.2012

In the summer of 1993, I was granted a rare scoop as a Palestinian journalist: an exclusive interview with the prime minister of Israel at the time, Yitzhak Rabin, the first ever given to a reporter working for a leading Palestinian newspaper. Midway way through the one-hour meeting, I asked Rabin for his vision as to the ultimate political status of the West Bank and Gaza in 15 or 20 years. Rabin, who at the time, we later discovered, had approved the Oslo back-channel, took a puff at a cigarette given to him by one of his aides, and answered that he envisions It being part of an entity with Jordan.

I remember this response almost 20 years later, and at a time now when the Oslo Accords — which Rabin signed on the White House lawn in September 1993 — have all but been declared dead by all parties involved. Mahmoud Abbas, who signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Israel on behalf of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) that fall, is now on the verge of leaving political life with no clear successor for him or for the Palestinian Authority that has been established in parts of the West Bank since the agreement’s implementation in 1995.

The failure of this approach has led some to suggest other avenues of breaking up the logjam  — the result of U.S. President Barack Obama’s lack of political will and the failure of the rest of the world to pick up the pieces without U.S. involvement. It is in this political limbo that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is finding itself toying with an old-new formula: A role for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


But earlier this month, Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported that Abbas informed several PLO leaders “to be prepared for a new confederation project with Jordan and other parties in the international community,” and that his office has already issued reports that evaluate “the best strategies to lead possible negotiations with Jordan” toward “reviving the confederation.” He has reportedly asked PLO officials to prepare themselves to pursue this strategy. This report, if confirmed by official sources, could be a watershed moment for the Palestinian national movement, and the highest profile endorsement of this persistent proposal.

Abbas’s willingness to explore a Jordanian confederation comes on the heels of the United Nation’s recent declaration of Palestine as an observer state by a 138-9 vote. This clear victory for Abbas gives him the political capital to explore such a potentially controversial move — and also the international recognition of sovereignty that would allow Palestinians to enter into a confederation with Jordan as equal partners.

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  1. I’m more than happy with the faux paleosimians moving to Jordan. It will be a huge problem for Jordan because they will try to depose the King. Abdullah II will be forced to kill a lot of them to let them know he’s the daddy. It’s all good. I’m liking this idea more and more.

  2. ‘Black September’ occurred during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich
    Best wishes for the New Year 🙂

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