FGM Islam in Australia



This has nothing to do with actual circumcision, and everything to do with denying the female gender any sexual pleasure whatsoever, due to Islamic misogynistic traditions that place the female into the preordained role of promiscuous behavior from birth. This imam has studied Islam in all of the top Islamic institutions in the world, and this is the end result.


Female circumcision is a right, says imam


A MUSLIM leader and outspoken opponent of female genital mutilation says female circumcision, which he defines as the partial removal of the clitoral hood, is not only an utterly distinct practice, but the “divinely ordained right of a woman” under Islam.

Sydney-based Al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences and Human Development founder and president, Imam Afroz Ali, appeared on the ABC’s 7:30 program in October, condemning female genital mutilation and saying he had been told by community members of its occurrence in Australia.

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  1. It is hypocritical and mockery full of ridicules for parents in Church of Christ to spend patiently their early marriage live in double standards life to perpetuate FGM episodes and live in their twilight years as devoted loving caring parents close to the clergy having soiled their hands with the blood of their daughters in a planned time staged managed shedding of blood and flesh of their daughters in fgm in early marriage life as she wade through the jungle of life for demonic chastity sacrifice acceptance. But is not mocked, Galatians 6:7. Can any wise God fearing parents subject their daughters to fgm to justify in a religious manner the sin of grandfathers for their past historical generation sexual immorality dynasty pacification cover up? Fgm remains the grandfathers generation to generation curse and sexual social slavery for culturally battered women. As far as parents remain appreciated in spectacular honored motivated prostitution in fgm they will never fathom from the bottom of their hearts the unjust physical and spiritual injuries inflicted in fgm onslaught on womanhood? The girl child is deprived of her authority and integrity of her womanhood to demonic world and men who believe in their objective holiness gain for earthly humanity gains based on her precarious live in fgm. Parents pride themselves in fgm for tearing down the defense and fences of the marriage court a sacrifice to Satan. Women and girls are given to demonic world morality and will of men which is the hid out of satan. They do not pride and delight themselves in God. But GOD can never be mocked. Some men force their daughters to undergo fgm under the mothers pressure and pleasure forgetting there are no curses for those in Christ Jesus. Galatians3:10-14, Proverb26:1-2. It is quite evident parents are under cultural moral slavery siege and ready to sacrifice their daughters in fgm at altar of demonic cultures for community social acceptance. Fgm is the historical prostitution and plunder of womanhood bound in cultural respect and honor instituted by men. Evil committed by parents in fgm cannot be justified by existent of time done or by one’s sacrificial faith to do it willingly at peace. Fgm satanic rituals honor in embedded cultural sexual slavery is fortified by parents lack of due true love for the girl child. No earthly acquired education and knowledge can save an ill-fated girl child from fgm with satanic fgm supper elites supporters beside her who have institutionalized women and their sex organs as the center of all evils on earth. It takes two to tangle. Men should stop having holy than though attitude and stop back setting all evils to womanhood in order to justify fgm as Adam did in the Garden of Aden when he blamed God and Eve for his sin. The filth of fgm honor is in the hands of parents and men. Men ought to seek holiness and all cleanness in Divine state. Fgm is a wrong and a sin on earth and in heaven. There is a narrow highway for Christian to follow in righteousness. There is no love or justice in fgm. Men have sought satanic refuge in fgm for their weak incompatible immoral sexual stand. In fgm, men’s protracted fear of women sexuality in Divine order is waged in fgm atrocities. They assert that God is wrong for providing girls with more active evil sexual organs not equal to men and the demonic mission of taming girls and women sexually is hatched by men for satanic cultural immoral quest for righteousness in God. Effectively men who support fgm have morally justified themselves as sexual weaklings before God and women sexual joy from a girl child with no remorse. Girls who face the evil cut become prostitutes on altar of satan sadly without their consent which is a curse that pollutes the land. Magicians and witches in the world do not make girls prostitutes. But parents by subjecting girls to fgm make them prostitutes and are worse than them. Parents have soiled their hands in fgm prostitution honorary from time immemorial . Humanity has been subject to satanic celebrated sacrifice in fgm prostitution beyond imaginations in many families among generations. The evil cutting is done in honor of the dead. Leviticus 19:28-29. This type of prostitution cannot be cleansed in marriage life . She bought her prostitution with her flesh, bone and blood on altar of Satan while still In her flower age when facing all evil forces under her parental care. Unless she gets saved (call upon the blood of CHRIST to cleanse her.John3:16-18, Isaiah1:18) she shall go to her grave a prostitute .

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