Now if only Europe’s leaders would deliver as honest of an assessment as that.

Paulino Rivero warns that the Islands’ economy can not respond to more people

Canary Islands president

Canary Islands: there is no room for more immigrants. The Canary Islands president warns that the economy cannot give solutions for more people.

The president of the Canary Islands, Paulino Rivero, asked last Sunday for a “calmed and scaremongering-free” debate to be held on the number of inhabitants in the archipelago, because in his opinion, the economy of the islands is unable to manage the population growth and reduce the unemployment

Paulino Rivero states in his blog that the figures speak “loud and clear” regarding the almost 180.000 foreigners who arrived in the last 10 years, and the 23.000 newcomers registered in 2011 due to migratory flows.

The population in the Canary islands has grown by 388.178 in almost 10 years, and the reality confirmed by the statistics “must force us to calmly reflect on the archipelago’s carrying capacity”, the president explains. He asks for carrying out an analysis on how many employments the Canary economy can create and to detect the impact of this unstoppable population increase in the islands and in the public service delivery

“I think it’s rather evident that the Canary Islands cannot grow indefinitely and expand without end, a demographic growth which began in 1960”, Rivero reflects on.

More here in Spanish.

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  1. We have at least one person in our US Congress who said that he knew that by sending our troops and their families to the island of Guam, we might make it tip over…so could this be the real secret fear for President Rivero? He could always consult with our leadership for solutions! He’d better do it before we tip over from the sheer weight of excremental thought from our leadership however…

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