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A step against misogynist Islam

And the Feminists and the rest of the Left are in a funk on what to do. How about doing the right thing, and voicing disapproval over anti-liberal notions no matter where they are coming from?

sweden femenNude demo in Stockholm against Egyptian leader

Published: 20 Dec 12 16:08 CET | Print version | Double click on a word to get a translation

Egyptian activist Aliaa al-Mahdy chose Sweden for her latest feminist protest as she bared all outside her country’s embassy in Stockholm despite sub-zero temperatures.

Al-Mahdy, who as part of the feminist network Femen has employed nudity as a shock tactic before, wanted to protest the new Egyptian constitution that was voted through on Saturday.

A second referendum on the document is scheduled for Friday, but it is widely expected to be adopted.

“Before the decisive day of the referendum in Egypt activists came to the Embassy of Egypt in Stockholm to support Egyptian heroes who are resisting the sharia-dictatorial draft of the constitution of the president Morsi,” Femen said in a statement published on its website.

Holding a Koran in front of her privates, al-Mahdy was joined by two other women outside the embassy on the posh waterfront avenue Strandvägen in central Stockholm.

Body painting scrawled across the women’s chests read “Sharia is not a constitution” and linked the apocalypse to Egyptian president, who represents the Muslim Brotherhood party, citing fears that the constitution would impede Egypt’s democratic development.

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  1. Ithink there are many ways to protest. To protest naked in our culture means you are bitch and have no honor. the means by she can protest do not finished and she can write what she want on her blog or any news paper…it is a shame

  2. this religion and its followers are too cruel to understand humanity and ‘m sure even muslim females will not support this protest..u should do something to grab the women’s attention..i’m not against this but ‘m not sure if it works!!

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