Academics Anti-Islamization Leftist-Muslim nexus



I was forwarded the British/Swedish report filed at, that focuses on ”right-wing” extremist groups and websites, in which the TT featured prominently. Academic researcher Ann-Catherine Jungar, is typical of the mindset found in the modern day academy, comprised mainly of Leftists, they refuse to recognize the tinted rose colored glasses through which they evaluate their ”findings” and come to their ”conclusions”.

Proof of this, is their total allegiance to the classic ”Left-Right” political spectrum when   identifying and classifying political groups and individuals, which has been proven to be bunk. For this kind of ‘researcher’, the honoring of patriotism, any call for sensible immigration policies and promotion of measures that help lead immigrants from integration into assimilation, as well as being against destructive group based politics, are signs of ”right-wing extremism”.

In short, if you adhere to a classical liberal philosophy, you’re automatically suspect of darker designs, you’re a closet neo-fascist, a bigot, yes…..a racist. Many of the groups mentioned in the ”research paper” look as if they they were copy and pasted straight from Wikipedia, at least, that’s how Jungar came across my blog no doubt, which is mentioned in the links on Jussi Halla-aho’s page.

Many of the groups mentioned in the report, like the entirely fascistic Hungarian organization, the Jobbik, the bigoted and racist BNP, Le Penn etc., in fact have their political moorings within the Left, their political platforms embody much of the classical socialist world view. Since the political spectrum is so complicated, as well as their need to distance classical fascism from the Left, these ”researchers” like to simplify things, but they do it at the expense of the truth.


These academic research papers devoted to charting and analyzing the anti-Islamization movement, never contain any analysis of the element (political Islam/sharia) driving everyday people to be concerned about their futures, as well as the futures of their children and their children’s children. Their concerns are never evaluated as ”real concerns”, they’re characterized instead as gross, misplaced and unsubstantiated fears (phobia) in spite of all the evidence available.

In the view of the cultural Marxist researcher:

Jews feeling the pressure in Malmö, they’re ”just exaggerating”, gays being hunted down the Netherlands, they’re just being ”Islamophobic”, Christian churches being stoned in France, they just haven’t been ”committed enough to interfaith dialogue”. If you’re against gender apartheid in public swimming halls, you’re an anti-multicultural bigot, if you’re against your children being forced to eat meat dedicated to a foreign god, and the proceeds going to fund the jihad,…”you’re a racist”.

NOTE: It’s very hard to take any ”research” coming out of the Leftist Academic Complex  (LAC) seriously.


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