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Spanish government: “Refrain from publishing Islam critical film, or be sent back to Pakistan.”

There is no way to get around that is in fact, a death threat. I have a better solution for the Spanish government Firasat and family stay in Spain, and every Muslim in Spain holding dual citizenship or a residency permit that believe Firasat should be sent packing, get kicked out instead.

H/T: Fjordman

Spanish Government Tries to Remove Refugee Status From Maker of Anti-Islam Film

10:31 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

I’ve written a few articles about Imran Firasat, the Pakistani refugee resident in Spain who runs the “World Without Islam” website (click on the tags at the bottom to see them), including one yesterday about the increased terror alert level in Belgium due to the imminent release of his film, The Innocent Prophet.

Now, it seems, the Spanish government has been so panicked by the “Muslim rage” reactions to previous anti-Islam films that they are seeking to distance themselves from Firasat before his film has even been released, even to the extent of examining whether his refugee status can be withdrawn from him.

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