Vlad’s Magic Martin credited for finding all the videos

The fireworks starting at about 1:20 is the highlight of this one.

Wadayagonna bet that now no one will be able to buy fireworks.

Below: Everything on fire.

Attempted kidnapping of two women

This is interesting viewing. Major stand off between the nicely equipped police and what look like fairly well regimented secularists with makeshift rock shields out of corrugated steel or tin. People are wearing rock-protect-head-gear reminiscent of the heady days of Tahrir Sq. when the revolution that ousted Mubarak brought them the Ikhwan.

Seriously escalating violence in the streets. This is bordering on the surreal. Even for Egypt as of late. Once again, thoughts wishes and hopes for the secularists. And how wonderful that somewhere in the world there are people brave enough to stand up to the Islamic fascists that would obliterate everything of value in human existence. We, the readers of this site, all have a dog in this fight. The supporters of this site know who that dog is. May the Ikhwan be defeated, crushed and treated every bit as harshly as they would treat us if they succeed and may Egypt know its full potential as an enlightened state after that. Below, people are robbing firetrucks of their axes and other potential weapons

The video below is chaotic even for war. The google translation of this clip says that its “war in front of the federal palace” and goes on to say, “The streets either short war between federal forces civil opposition to the policies of Mohamed Morsi, between his militia that carried out the attack on peaceful demonstrators, carrying cartridge and live bullets and Almlotov and rebels responded with brick”

At 45 seconds, someone fires a gun from behind the makeshift shields

According to the news, this demo is called, ‘Morsi’s last warning’. Lets hope he doesn’t heed it and the secular mob crushes Ikhwan for good.

More chaos and pandemonium. Live rounds, shotgun shells found

Fireworks and Molotov’s ignite violence at presidential palace:

Everything in flames

Muslim Brotherhood guy injured. Korans and fancy hats all around

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